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Professional online networking services can often be tricky to navigate. Some people may find it overwhelming, invasive, and perhaps too widespread. While there are those individuals who love large-scale professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, others may prefer the more traditional, face-to-face networking experience.

However, due to the current pandemic, almost all networking has had to occur online. Unfortunately, most online networking platforms lack the personal touch that in-person networking allows for. With this in mind, Cooper presents itself as a private networking app that replicates the trusted and personal environment associated with networking in person.

It’s a free app

Cooper – Professional Network is an app (available for free on Android and iOS) that allows users to privately meet other professionals online. The app works to ensure that all connections made are guaranteed to be reliable, significant and trustworthy. Unlike other online networking services, Cooper works on ‘intros’. With this feature, users are able to network online as they would offline. You can take the initiative to introduce yourself to other individuals, or somebody close to you can suggest an introduction between you and someone that they already know. Through this, users can be sure that each connection made is desirable and personalized.

Cooper Professional Networking App Private

About the company

The company was founded in 2018 by CEO Robert Gaal and CTO Emiel van Liere, and is currently based in San Francisco as well as Amsterdam. Cooper recently celebrated its international launch, and is also proud to announce that they’ve successfully raised a total of $2 million in seed funding. They are currently supported by a number of distinguished investors, including Comcast Ventures, LocalGlobe, WeTransfer, and many more.

Cooper Private Professional Networking App Founders CEO Robert Gaal and CTO Emiel van Liere

Statement from Cooper

Cooper’s co-founder and CEO, Robert Gaal, has expressed that he thinks it is crucial to develop and maintain professional relationships, especially during the current stressful economic conditions. He also adds that “with Cooper, we’re building an entirely new kind of professional network based on introductions, bringing that kind of offline personal touch online.”

How to use Cooper

  • Make an account on Cooper.
  • Invite others you know to join Cooper. (This can also be done through a personal invite code.)
  • Create a post, requesting what you’re looking for.
  • Users in your inner circle can respond, or suggest someone else that they know.
  • Alternatively, those you know may suggest for you to introduce yourself to others.
  • Once an introduction has been made, users can easily message each other within the app — in order to develop a deeper connection.

Cooper Private Professional Networking App How To Use Helpful guide

What makes them different

Since everything on Cooper begins with making, responding, or requesting an introduction, users are guaranteed a truly private and trustworthy online networking experience. The company states that this ultimately allows for a “permission-based professional network” with zero unwanted messages and invites.

Cooper has also highlighted their app’s success, as they’ve claimed that many individuals who have lost their jobs — due to the current pandemic — have already managed to find new opportunities through their platform.

They’re different

Unlike other professional networking sites, Cooper promises not to sell ads or their users’ data. Instead, they are focused on making sure that those who use the app will not be approached by any unwanted strangers. In this sense, this private professional networking app has managed to recreate the offline and in-person networking experience for online users.

Photo credit: All images are owned by Cooper and have been provided for press usage.

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