Upgrade Your Power Socket with Connect CHARLIE


Who doesn’t know this problem? In the hyper-connected time we live in, we need more than a single power outlet in a room. And even if you have several outlets, let’s stick to reality, it’s never enough right? And storing multi-outlet power strips everywhere is not tricky, but it really doesn’t look appealing, right?

Indeed, you can try to place these multi sockets and extension cords within the furniture in a smart way or try to hide them differently, but it’s not always that easy. Today I saw an exciting new product from the Amazon Launchpad for startup companies that helps with precisely this kind of problem.


After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, you can now get Connect CHARLIE, the 12-in-1 solution that turns a single wall power socket into 9 USB ports for charging and 3 regular power sockets with a modern design.

The Connect CHARLIE device also comes with integrated surge-protection, so you add some protection to attached devices, and a cool LED nightlight. It does not yet come with adapters for overseas, but perhaps this is something they can add in a future product version.


Okay, when you connect 12 devices on a single Connect CHARLIE, it really does look a bit like a wall octopus, but if you place it in a not too prominent spot, this should just be alright. I think it’s a nice design that really shrank the device down to the minimum size.

Good for travel but bring an adapter for overseas

This could be especially useful if you often work from hotel rooms and don’t want to carry a multi-strip with your normal baggage. However, as mentioned above, if you travel to a place where they use a different kind of plug and voltage you better bring an adapter. That’s still better than carrying 12 adapters with you for all your devices.

The Connect CHARLIE device is now available on the Amazon Launchpad for $38. If you’re going for another color but white, you should check out their website as well, where they also offer versions in red and black.

What do you think about the Connect CHARLIE solution? Do you think it’s too expensive or do you think the price is fair for what it offers? We’d love to know your opinion. Make sure to drop your thoughts below.

YouTube: Connect CHARLIE

Photo credit: All images and embedded materials by ConnectCharlie / PoshTech, LLC.

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