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Codeup Arranges Free Coding Bootcamps for Veterans

Codeup-Official-Logo-Good-Quality-TextSome of you might know of Codeup and their offerings. To those who don’t – they arrange bootcamps for people to learn skills such as coding on computers. Today we heard about them arranging a special Learn-to-Code-Bootcamp that is focused on providing learning opportunities for veterans and transitioning service members – and the best part: It’s free for them to join.

Whether you pursue a career that involves coding as a daily activity or not, understanding the basic activities in software development is currently considered one of the most important skills one should know about as part of their professional education. It’s not like you will no longer be able to understand the world if you have no idea about coding but having an insight and elementary knowledge of the actual “doing” will aid greatly – and not only in a career in a technology industry.

The duration of the program is planned for be 4 months, including more than 250 hours of learning and practice. They content will be centred on technologies related to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, WordPress and AngularJS among others. The student/teacher ratio will be 8:1 on average.

“There’s clearly a huge gap between the skills in our workforce and the needs of employers,”… “We’re proud to be part of this solution, especially with San Antonio’s role as Military City USA.”
– Michael Girdley, CEO of Codeup

So while bootcamps are definitely nothing new for veterans, this type of education might have been previously untouched. But how come the program is free now? The bootcamp is entirely funded by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs with the intention to provide a solid baseline of knowledge in coding in order to prepare veterans for occupations beyond military service. We think that this is a very good idea and it should definitely help a lot people who are applicable to join to gain important and relevant knowledge about coding.

At a glance:

  • 18 in the first cohort, 5 of whom relocated to San Antonio
  • Aligns with the White House’s Skills and Demand-Driven Training Initiative designed to train more Veterans and Transitioning Service Members with job skills needed by industry
  • Over 200 applied for this bootcamp nationwide

About Codeup: Codeup is a computer programming bootcamp in San Antonio, TX with a mission to change people’s lives by helping them launch careers in tech. Founded in 2013, Codeup has generated more than $3 million in new tech salaries since its inception with a hiring rate over 93 percent.
Source: PR Newswire / Codeup
Photo credit: Waag Society

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