Cloudli’s AI-Powered and Automated Features Make Small Businesses Look Big


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Owning a small business comes with many challenges, but communicating with your customers shouldn’t be one of them. When you communicate with your customers the way they want to connect with your business — and 93% of them prefer texting — you already have a massive edge over your competitors.

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Consumers’ desire to support local and small businesses has boomed in previous years, but the need for convenience almost always wins, which is why people still turn to larger businesses. Thankfully, there is a way to keep up with bigger players without compromising cost or effectiveness: the small business savior, Cloudli. 

Cloudli is a cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS) provider that offers business phone service features to take your small business to the next level. With integrated app features across all of your devices, your smartphone or laptop can now be your new business phone and can be accessed from anywhere you are. 

Take control of your time

Time is precious as an SMB owner, and answering spam and sales calls throughout the day can be costly distractions that interrupt your workflow. Cloudli’s AI-powered call screening feature eliminates unnecessary disruptions and boosts productivity. Real-time contextual data appears on your screen as a text message, informing you who is calling and the reason for their call so you can quickly decide whether you pick up, decline, send the call to voicemail or block the caller. 

With Cloudli’s Call Screener, you won’t have to ignore calls anymore or take a chance at answering because you’re waiting for a call. When that important client or customer calls, Call Screener acts like a virtual assistant, asking the caller to state their name and the reason why they are calling. You can immediately prepare accordingly and give your customers the care and attention they deserve.

When you spend less time answering unsolicited calls throughout the day, you remain more focused on what matters most: growing your business.

Provide an enhanced customer experience

Business texting isn’t just for sending SMS and MMS to customers and clients. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to:

  • Text-enable your business landline so you can text your customers on your existing business phone number
  • Send automated text auto-replies during set business hours or when you’re unavailable
  • Communicate specific information when someone sends you a text message that contains a keyword, ex: PRICING or APPOINTMENT REQUEST
  • Broadcast an SMS to a group of contacts to let them know of a special offer or important details
  • Configure automated text messages for when you miss a call, are busy, or muted

When customers feel they can reach you when it’s convenient for them, you’re providing them with an interesting alternative to your competitors, allowing you to stand out and shine.

Easy to operate and install

With Cloudli, there is no complicated technology setup or integration. The app is simple to use and anyone can install it — no tech background or IT help is required. Its functionality can be used across all of your Mac, iOS, Android, and computer systems, so you can use your business phone to talk and text whenever and wherever you need to.

Cloudli’s mission is to help small and medium businesses thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment by giving business owners cost-effective communications tools to succeed and gain an edge above the competition. 

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by iJeab. The header image has been provided by Cloudli with permission.

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