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Cloud Computing for Disaster Recovery in IT

Cloud computing refers to a diversity of computing concepts that are carried out through interconnected computers. Scientifically, the term is used in reference to distributed computing through a network that is capable of running a program on many computer networks at a given time. Cloud computing has led to increased data and more users, subsequently leading to resolution of challenges related to business continuity and disaster recovery. However, the extensive use of the concept has made it necessary to check and monitor all the data points and distribution systems for security purposes. Many organizations are now relying on cloud computing to help them in the creation of a more vigorous information management.

Cloud computing concept in IT has evolved from grid computing and data centers to filling the spectrum that range from raw physical infrastructure to the final software used by end users. Among the examples where this concept has been applied in this sector is the introduction of applications such as Hadoop, BigTable and MapReduce to process large quantity of data sets. They are also used in conducting analysis related to time series as well as web searches. The applications have also been known to achieving a scalable scheduling in a faster and easier way. Another advantage for this application is that their critical nature, which is mostly non-mission, requires only modest facilities in disaster recovery.

Cloud computing is a concept which if effectively utilized is capable of transforming the IT industry. The applications derived from cloud computing such as Hadoop, BigTable and MapReduce have facilitated the faster and easier processing of large data sets, time series analysis and web searches. However, the system needs careful monitoring and disaster recovery to manage the negative implications.

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YouTube: Backup & IT Disaster Recovery: Cloud Computing and SAN to SAN by Mike Flaherty

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