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Ada App Is Your New Chatbot Doctor AI

Not sure what’s wrong with you but you’re definitely feeling ill? If you don’t want to go to a doctor just so he can tell you that you’re having a common cold, you can download the Ada app and try its abilities to assess symptoms and tell you what might be wrong with you.

What is the Ada app about?

Ada is your smart health companion and you can use it like a chatbot. The design of the app is beautiful and its just as easy to use as its joyful. If you set up an account, you will also be able to record changes how you feel and understand how an illness develops. You can also use the “asking for a friend” option if you’d like to keep an assessment out of your personal profile.

Ada app screenshot demo health

Based on the symptoms and the severity of pain that you enter, Ada will assess your input and compare it to the data of a large user pool. Of course, you have to go see a doctor at some point but before that, this app does a great job of tracking your wellbeing and giving advise on getting better and stay healthy. It’s possible that they will roll out commercial features in the future to let you talk to a real doctor but this might not yet be available in all regions.

Combine with Alexa

You can also hook Ada up with Alexa and get a hands-free user experience. If you want to find out more about this use case, you can jump right into the video below to find out how Ada user Sophie from Berlin in Germany set her Ada and Alexa up to check her health without even picking up her smartphone.


The Ada logo is total anarchy and I wouldn’t have named a medical chatbot AI app Ada, just like the Ada Wong, we know from the Umbrella Company of Resident Evil. That kind of branding mistakes can go really bad if you ask this Vietnamese dermatology office, but maybe it’s only me noticing that this time. Besides that, the Ada app does a good job and covers the features it promises to fulfill in the marketing and app descriptions. It’s also free so you can just try it out. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

YouTube: Ada + Alexa = hands-free health!

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