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Business Etiquette and Customs around the World [Infographic]

International business etiquette, manners and culture have always been fascinating to me. I’ve worked with people all around the world. After a while, you can even spot differences in business etiquette in written correspondence like email and social media. The most tricky situations are definitely the in person meetings though. Do you know the proper etiquette in different countries around the world?

If you plan to travel internationally for business, this is definitely something to consider. The first impression you make will set the tone for the entire business relationship. It will also affect your ability to build trust and your overall success with your business dealings. Accidentally doing something offensive in an international business situation could be embarrassing for you and your company.

My friend @ChristopherIsak and I had a conversation about this the other day. He lives in Germany, and I live in the United States. It might seem like the business etiquette in those two countries would be pretty much the same, but it isn’t.

One thing I like about the German culture is that it’s considered rude to chew gum while talking to someone. I wish more people in the United States would ditch the gum too, but I’ll save my dislike of chewing gum for another article.

The business etiquette in countries like China and Japan are incredibly different than the United States for example. I remember how helpful my concierge was when I was in Shanghai. When it was time to say goodbye after several days, I thanked her and gave her a hug. Here in the United States, that is common. She politely accepted my hug, but I could tell she wasn’t used to that behavior.

If you click over to cyborlink, you can compare the business etiquette, manners and cultures for different places around the world. I could get lost on that website for hours. It’s so interesting to learn what is acceptable and what isn’t in different regions of the world.

WD Storage (along with some help from cyborlink) created this infographic called International Business Etiquette. You might also find this article on Forbes entitled Business Etiquette Tips For International Travel helpful. I hope you enjoy this fun infographic as much as I did!





Source: Design Taxi
Photo credit: Baron Reznik / WD Storage

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