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Building a Camera That Can See WiFi Signals [Video]

The video that I wanted to show you today had been posted only a few days ago. It’s the third part of a series on building a camera that can see WiFi signals or similar wireless networking devices that work on 2.44 GHz. If you’re curious about the previous steps of building “Cogsworth”, you can also watch part one here and part two here.

If you’d like to pick up this research and do a DIY project on your own, you should also check out this GitHub space and the full video description here. You can also check out the website of The Thought Emporium for more info and possibly details on other projects in the future.

YouTube: Building a Camera That Can See Wifi | Radio Telescope V2 – Part 3 SUCCESS!

Photo credit: The feature image “world map with smartphone” was done by Gerd Altmann.
Editorial notice: The feature image is not directly related to the embedded video.

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