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Broomstick League Coming to Steam Early Access

If you fell in love with Quidditch while watching the Harry Potter movies and wanted to play it with others, you would’ve been out of luck. However, thanks to Blue Isle Studios, your wishes may come to reality this coming March.

Although the game is not an officially-licensed Quidditch game in any way, Broomstick League takes some inspiration from the concept. The game is a highly competitive fast-paced and fun online multiplayer game.

Broomstick League

What to expect

The developers have decided to open up early access on Steam for this game to get feedback from the players. As stated on the Broomstick League’s Steam page, the developers aim to have a “relationship of transparency and collaboration” with their players through this endeavor.

At launch, Broomstick League is expected to feature 3 game modes (1v1, 2v2, and 3v3), a character customization system, and an online matchmaking system. The game will also let players host private and LAN servers to play with friends. This is a feature that seems to be slowly fading away these days, so it is certainly a welcome addition.

Broomstick League

Aside from that, it will have other features like game mutators, more arenas, and unlockable content. It will also have a fully-functional ranked and competitive ladder. This is planned to be released gradually during the game’s early access development phase.

Whether you’re a person looking for a fix of competitive fantasy spell blasting sports or just someone looking for a fun title to pick up and play with friends, we’re sure that Broomstick League would be a perfect choice. The game launches on Steam Early Access on March 5.

YouTube: Broomstick League Announce Trailer

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