Bottled: The Messenger App for Virtual Castaways


You’re a castaway, sitting on a tiny remote island with no hope to get rescued – ever. So all you have left is the excitement when receiving a message in a bottle from time to time. What are the chances, eh?

That’s how you use “Bottled” the messenger app that works a little different, compared to the competition. When you’re setting up your account, you can define what kind of user you are and what you’d like to get out of the app. You can literally choose what hat you want to wear, so to say.

If the hat fits, wear it!

You can be a sailor, looking to learn more about languages and culture. You can wear the hat of the treasure hunter, who is looking for a serious relationship. Or you’ll be a pirate, which is all and nothing really – arrrr.

From time to time there will be a treasure chest arriving on your shore. Apparently, it does swim, so that’s alright. They are filled with rum bottles (what else?), and since we need those bottles empty, we gotta drink a lot of rum on that island. “But why is the rum gone?!”, right, Jack? Because we have to write strangers, duh.

So after emptying those bottles, you can start writing a letter. You can write anything you like, but please write something more than just “hi.” When testing out the app, I tried made-up goofy poetry, randomly sharing what I was doing that day, and just writing down thoughts about the world, my community and myself really. Once you’re done, you put the letter in a bottle, cork it, and throw it out into the ocean, with the hope that it reaches another Bottled user just like you, somewhere else on the world.

Keep them or give them another chance somewhere else

When receiving bottles, you can read the message, and depending on whether or not you like it, throw it back into the ocean, for another user to read it, or choose to keep the bottle. If you keep it, you two can now use the IM function of the app and start talking and get to know each other.

Bottled App Screenshots Android iOS Messaging IM Service Free Download Review Article

The purpose of Bottled is not exclusively on flirting though. The theme depends on the users really, and if you choose to use it for flirting, it’s okay (I guess), and if you want to find out more about languages and culture of other parts of the world, you can also do that. Basically, it’s good for meeting new people. The rest is up to you – and The Police.

However, you need to be careful with how you use the app, as your bottles are limited and if you have no more to send out, you will need to wait for more treasure chests to arrive first and – drink that rum – of course.


I thought this is a rather cute and fun theme on getting to know new people from around the world. It starts a bit slow, but if you keep using it for a couple of days, you’ll quickly meet interesting people to exchange ideas with.


The Bottled app is free to use on iOS and Android alike, but you could spend a few coins on in-app purchases if you like, but it’s not really required. What do you think about the Bottled app? If you have thoughts or experiences to share, please drop a comment below. Have fun!

YouTube: Best Stranger Chat App (Bottled App Review)

Photo credit: Bottled / Theilr

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