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BoomBand: The Wearable Loudspeaker for Your Wrist

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Music adds life and color to every dull moment – and also blends into every situation or any feeling you are experiencing. Hanging out with your friends simply means going to one’s place and catching up with one another while eating or drinking – and at some point, listening to good music, old or not, adds more fun to it.

Smartwatches can be great to augment your digital experience without always pulling a phone out of the pocket. Still, they generally lack the feature of playing back sound from connected sources or from local storage on their own. Tech-Life tries to address exactly this demand with the BoomBand.

BoomBand: On-the-go speaker

We are all aware that having a portable speaker is a good choice when it comes to listening to music in or outside of your house. With a portable speaker, just like this BoomBand, you can bring it with you wherever you go. Just place it inside your bag or just wear it on your wrist – and that’s it. You can always have it when you’re bored or when you have a gathering or hang out with friends, colleagues, or relatives.

BoomBand Tech-Life Portable Wearable Speaker Music On The Go

BoomBand is also known as the most portable speaker in this world. Though it is not as big as other Bluetooth speakers, it boasts exciting features. This portable speaker has a crisp and clear sound, and you will surely surprise by its volume. Furthermore, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, connects to Bluetooth easily, and can answer phone calls from your smartphone easily – without needing to put off from your pocket. Like that, you can focus on what you’re doing, no matter if you’re preparing an essay, in case you’re not making use of an MBA essay writing service, or doing another kind of work that requires a lot of focus.

Who builds the BoomBand?

BoomBand was designed by Tech-Life for everyone, especially those who love music. The engineers and product designers from Tech-Life build BoomBand to prevent the danger of using smartphones along your way as well. It’s available in two color options, which are midnight black and space gray, and the design is made so both men and women can wear it on any outfit.

BoomBand Tech-Life Portable Wearable Speaker Music On The Go


In this busy society, music should be present in everyone’s life as it can be a way to relax your mind and soul of all the hectic schedules every single day. Personally, I’m thinking, BoomBand is great for everyone who wants to enjoy music on-the-go. What do you think?

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