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The Bob Mini Dishwasher Fits Right on Your Countertop

Cute yet powerful and helpful around the house. If you think I’m describing the Bob Mini Dishwasher, then you’re absolutely right. Designed in France by Daan Tech, this stylish kitchen aid is as small as your other countertop appliances like the microwave or the oven toaster, so it could be easily placed by the sink. It is also really light, weighing only 10kg, so it’s easy to transport or move around.

The Bob Mini Dishwasher comes in various designs

The Bob Mini Dishwasher is really convenient for people living in small spaces like condos, apartments, and even mobile homes that have no provision for a full-sized dishwasher. But don’t judge Bob by its size.

This compact dishwasher comes with a 3.2″ LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity to customize the washing programs that would suit your needs. The Bob Mini Dishwasher has a 3.9L built-in refillable water tank and an outlet tube for the dirty water. There’s also no need to worry about it not matching your place’s aesthetic as there’s a lot of colors to choose from. This way, you won’t mind displaying your dishwasher in your kitchen.

The Bob Mini Dishwasher Fits Right on Your Countertop
Image: Daan Tech

The Bob Mini Dishwasher is made from recycled plastics and is built to last for years. Even its dishwasher distribution system or cassettes — the Pop and the Rock and Roll cassettes — are made from recycled plastic and can be returned and refilled. The Pop cassette is an all-in-one detergent while the Rock and Roll cassette is needed for the machine’s self-clean maintenance cycle.

A small dishwasher but not a weak one

The Bob Mini Dishwasher can carry a reasonable amount of load albeit its small size. Plates with 29 cm diameter can fit into it, which you could see being cleaned through the porthole. The dishwasher has different programs to choose from: daily, eco, express, glass, and intensive – all of which or estimated to use less water as compared to washing them by hand.

The Bob Mini Dishwasher Fits Right on Your Countertop
Image: Daan Tech

The glass program is the fastest which does the cycle for only 15 minutes, using only 1.9L of water. Next is the Express which does the cycle in 20 minutes, with a 2.9L water consumption. The third is the daily program which finishes cleaning in 50 minutes and uses 3.8L of water. Lastly, the intensive and eco programs for the Bob Mini Dishwasher can do the cleaning in an hour and a half, using only 3.8L of water.

Using the integrated UV light can further help to fight bacteria. The Bob Mini Dishwasher is sold at $355.08, with $299 on its minimalist version. Although small, you are for sure to get the bang for your buck with this reliable mobile cleaner.

YouTube: This Tiny Dishwasher Fits Right on Your Countertop

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