SEALVAC: The World’s First Food Vacuum Sealer with UV Sterilization


Packaging food properly can have many benefits including less food waste and extended shelf life. Having a vacuum food sealer makes packaging food handy and effective. It is also an easy and efficient way of packaging to retain the food’s freshness in a hygienic way.

There are several solutions that are dedicated to vacuum sealing, but oftentimes these are bulky, taking up space and plugged into an outlet. With that, WIHEIM created their cordless food vacuum sealer, the SEALVAC.

Sealing your food

SEALVAC vacuum sealer is a hygienic solution that prevents food waste and keeps germs and bacteria away at all times. It utilizes the powerful features of a cordless construction to make it convenient in design.

Using this vacuum sealer is easy and less time-consuming as you only need to press a single button to activate it. The device quickly eliminates the air within any plastic bag to preserve food and seal it. You can even use pre-packaged bags to recycle. Now, you can save the rest of your bag of chips without losing the chips’ crispiness.


Some of SEALVAC’s features are as follows:

  • Use it whenever and wherever necessary
  • Sterilize the bags with UV-C LED for your peace of mind
  • Keep your food fresher 5 times longer than usual
  • Place it on the kitchen countertop and fridge-clutter free
  • Maintain compatibility with other sealing bags and containers
  • Activate simply push of a button and take the control

Apart from that, the SEALVAC is highly space-efficient, making it a welcome addition to your kitchen rather than just another clunky device. Because it is cordless, you can bring the device wherever you may need it. The improved design has upgraded its performance with increased speed and optimized power consumption in terms of its battery, increasing its productivity. You can also check on battery life with indicator lights and charge it with any USB-C charger.

Sterilizing food safely

In most countries, food waste is a major issue that can be solved by preserving food better. Now with the pandemic still prevalent in other countries, maintaining hygiene on food is also highly important. WIHEIM did vast research and found that the machine may cause the propagation of unhealthy microorganisms in the vacuum chamber, hence the birth of SEALVAC and its UV function.

With this device, WIHEIM has developed a system that integrates the UV function within their food vacuum sealer. This makes SEALVAC the first cordless food vacuum sealer with a UV sterilization function in the world.

GIF: WIHEIM via TechAcute

The sealing process engages three UV-C LED lights to sterilize the bag before sealing to enhance cleanliness. For overheat prevention, the SEALVAC vacuum sealer includes a silicon plate with low thermal conductivity under the heating wire that blocks the residual heat and enables to use of it multiple times in a row without any risk.

The SEALVAC definitely is a must-have companion for extending your food’s shelf-life in a more hygienic way. As of this writing, the device has been successfully backed on Kickstarter and is currently available on Indiegogo for pre-order starting at $124.

YouTube: SEALVAC: Vacuum Sealing Done In Seconds To Prevent Spoilage

Photo credit: The gif and images used are owned by SEALVAC and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: ScienceDirect / CisionKickstarter / Indiegogo

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