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Bloomengine, Smart Indoor Planter with Entirely Automated System

Smart technologies are becoming increasingly inseparable from our everyday lives and indoor plants are not safe from their reach either. We’ve already seen smart gardens and hydroponic garden kits, such as Click&Grow, Windowfarms, Naava Smart, Genie, Plantui, Bulbo, Bitponics, Aerogarden, and of course, IKEA’s Krydda/Växer. It’s hard to imagine any innovation is possible in this section anymore, yet surprises happen. Bloomengine is a technology that completely automatizes the entire gardening process, making it possible for plants to be monitored, watered, and cared for at any time, in any place.

The technology behind Bloomengine

The revolutionary gardening technology enables perfect plant growth by creating a natural-like environment with soil, water, minerals, air, and sunlight.

How is this even possible, you might ask? Bloomengine provides the nurturing power of ‘sunlight’ with the help of specialized LED light. The light has a specific spectrum and correct wavelength which change according to the plant’s growth level (sprout, growth, and blossom). It provides enough brightness (about 10~25k lux) and light wavelength (about 380nm~780nm) for you to easily grow plants in any place indoors, no matter how dark it might be.


As for watering, it is provided by a pump in the upper and lower tank which circulates the water. The water tank can store 1.2l (40oz) of water for one month.

The third essential part is soil. The better structure and microbial ecology in the soil, the healthier the plant. Bloomengine provides it using compressed artificial soil. This way there is no mess and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

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In addition, plants need wind for transpiration, which helps the plant to control its temperature, supports photosynthesis and encourages the exchange of gases in the atmosphere. And transpiration they will get, with the help of a micro-fan inside the device which circulates the air.

That said, LED doesn’t just serve the purpose of artificial sunlight. Produce the aurora phenomenon with the help of an RGB LED chip.


Furthermore, the Bloomengine Vision device comes with a pre-installed Full HD camera to show your plant’s real-time status via photos. You can use its time-lapse function to capture the beauty of each stage of growth.

But that’s not all, you can even ‘talk’ to your plant via the app for Android and iOS.

Where can I get it?

You can get your very own Bloomengine Color via the company’s Kickstarter page for $129 if you’re among the first 100 buyers. Otherwise, its price is $149. Bloomengine Vision (with the camera) is a bit pricier and will cost you $149 (or $169 if you’re late). Moreover, there are discounts if you order two or more Bloomengine devices.

YouTube: Automated Plant Watering System and Growing Timelapse Video with Bloomengine

Photo credit: All used materials are owned by Bloomengine and have been provided to us by email and press kit.

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