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Black Shark 3 Pro: One Of The World’s Most Powerful Smartphones Yet

Smartphones have come a long way from the stigma of only being useful for calls and social media. Many smartphones now come with specifications that can put your average PC to shame.

Therefore, it is no surprise that many companies are attempting to compete in the world of gaming. It has become a fundamental factor behind people buying the latest smartphones. Whether or not their portable device can play the latest games is what sways many to choose one brand over another.

Xiaomi is continuously developing some of the best high and mid-range phones in the market at affordable prices. Now, they’ve also entered the mobile gaming industry with their division, Black Shark.

The gaming division’s new phone, the Black Shark 3 Pro, is not a phone to scoff at. It may not be what many associates with Xiaomi but it is a rather surprising development. Developed in partnership with Tencent, the BlackShark 3 Pro is one of the most powerful smartphones out there.


The Black Shark 3 Pro comes with some pretty beefy specs. To start, the phone has a massive 7.1 inch AMOLED screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate. This allows for the crisp 90 FPS gameplay that games should be played on.

The Black Shark 3 Pro has a Snapdragon 865 Octa-core processor and comes with 8-12 GB of RAM. It also features an Adreno 650 GPU. All these high-performance components will require a large battery life. That’s why it comes with a 500 mAh battery and fast charging. It is advertised to be fully charged in just 38 minutes.

A phone should also have some other components. After all, everyone needs a break from gaming. The BlackShark 3 Pro comes with a 20 MP front camera and a triple camera setup at the back, ranging from 64 MP to a 13 MP ultrawide camera and a 5 MP depth camera. It also has stereo speakers and a headphone jack.

Gaming and accessories

The Black Shark 3 Pro has two specialized buttons on the sides that act as triggers. When the phone is put on game mode or detects a game has been turned on, these triggers pop out of the phone’s right-hand side and act as two additional buttons to use. The phone also comes with a small attachable joystick controller similar to that of the Nintendo Switch.

Thermal throttling is also a big problem with mobile gaming. PCs and laptops can fit cooling systems but a phone needs to be compact. Black Shark tackles this problem by providing accessories with the phone. Two separate attachable cooling units are provided with the phone. These can be attached to the back of the phone to cool it down via the specialized venting at the back of the phone. These cooling units can be separately charged and can cool the phone down by upwards of 20 degrees Celsius.

The BlackShark 3 Pro stands as one of the most powerful phones available in the market. This is why many might speculate a hefty price tag but Xiaomi stayed true to their roots and priced it reasonably at only $700 which is a bargain compared to other phones with similar specs.

YouTube: Black Shark 3 Pro 5G Gaming Phone

Photo credit: Images shown are owned by Xiaomi and Tencent.

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