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Bite Away Neutralizes Mosquito Bite Itches without Chemicals

It’s the season of vacation, field trips, camping and all kinds of other outdoor activities. But there’s always someone uninvited to join the party as well: Mosquitoes. The bites of mosquitoes can bother us with unpleasant itches for a couple of days. Some are hit harder, and some people don’t experience it that bad. We found an exciting gadget that provides almost instant itch relief. It comes from Germany, and it’s called Bite Away.

Bite Away How To Histamine Hot Burning Neutralizer Gadget Medical Device Product ShotWhat makes Bite Away special?

Bite Away does not work with chemicals so it could be even used during pregnancy, by kids and by people who are suffering from allergies. The tip of the Bite Away device has a ceramic surface, and you just place it on top of the mosquito bite, click a button, and the device does its job almost instantly. It fights off the itch and the swelling by heating up to around 51° C (approximately 124° F) and neutralizes any venoms that would cause an itch, primarily being histamine.

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Before you say anything else – yes, the hot surface of the Bite Away pen could be considered as unpleasant or even painful, but it needs to be done only for a couple of seconds and will not damage the skin beyond that brief moment, unlike scratching the itch. The Bite Away pen has two buttons from which one will heat up the tip for three seconds, for kids and sensitive people, and the other switch will heat the tip up for six seconds, for an optimal effect. It’s up to you to decide if you’d rather feel unpleasant for some seconds or keep scratching for days, which could cause infections and other wounds that go hand in hand with permanent pain.

Bite Away How To Histamine Hot Burning Neutralizer Gadget Medical Device Product Shot Ceramic Surface

Great for home use and camping alike

The Bite Away solution also helps after bites of other insects, stings from wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies as well as pain caused by stinging nettles or even jellyfish. It’s a portable, affordable, easy-to-operate, solution that just needs two AA (Mignon) batteries to work and with one pair of batteries, you get approximately 300 uses of mosquito itch relief.

The device costs about $27 on the German Amazon portal, and for some reason, it costs $54 on the US Amazon portal. As that’s quite a price difference, it might be even cheaper to import it directly. You can check out the pricing in your local area retail stores as well. Perhaps they can order it without expensive fees. That being said, good luck with the biters and have fun outdoors without the itches and scratching all the time. Have fun!

YouTube: How to use the Bite Away device

Photo credit: All images in this article are owned by Dermapharm AG, the company behind Bite Away.

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