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Engineering a Bionic Arm That Grows with the Wearer [Video]

Bionics are a great new level of prosthetics. They bring us back life quality after losing a limb in an accident or equalizing handicaps, in case we were born like that. Of course, this is especially important for children who are still learning the ropes in society and social skills.

But what’s an expensive piece of prosthetics good for if the child outgrows it in a short time? Adjusting the device might be difficult or even impossible. The engineers in the featured video by Seeker are working on bionic prosthetics that can grow with the wearer. This might be a true game changer in the industry. What do you think? Make sure to also check out Daniel Melville’s 3D-printing website, the Augmented Future website, and Open Bionics for more info.

YouTube: Engineers Created A New Bionic Arm That Can Grow With You

Photo credit: The feature image is a still from the video and owned by Seeker.

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