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BassMe: Your Personal Subwoofer That Makes You Feel Sound

In more ways than one, music – or sound for that matter – can make or break any entertainment we consume. People who have played the Command and Conquer series can’t think of the game without Frank Klepacki’s music. In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, you’ll need to listen to the voices in Senua’s head to fully experience her mental state. Even the total lack of environmental sound from A Quiet Place creates that chilling sensation when you finally hear the characters scream.

However, listening sometimes isn’t enough. Some listen in ear-splitting volumes just to immerse themselves more in the media they’re using. This is not the way to go in the long run.

Concerts are obvious ways for people to experience sound better. For gaming, the controller’s vibration is utilized like in Lumines for players to feel the sound. However, French startup BassMe is trying to bring us closer to feeling sound. They have created a personal subwoofer for you to feel sound with your body.

Feeling every beat

Carrying the company’s namesake, the BassMe subwoofer was created for audiophiles that want to feel and enjoy each sound they hear. The device is simply slung over the right shoulder with the subwoofer placed in the middle of the chest. The sound would reverberate through the rib cage, letting one feel each sound. It weighs in at 310 grams so you won’t feel its weight that much.

The subwoofer can be connected via Bluetooth or simply plugging in your audio output. It is also backward compatible with any device you may use. This way, you can enjoy your favorite music, movie, or game you want. You can also use your headphones with it so you can have the experience all to yourself.

Soon, users can control the subwoofer using an Android or iOS device. Here, you can customize how you want to hear and feel using an equalizer. You can also create different listening profiles depending on what you’re listening to.

BassMe recently got the CES Innovative Award for 2020 and will be present at next year’s show. You can also find the device in some cinemas in the south of France. They plan to have the subwoofers in 240 Premium or 4Dx movie theaters by 2023. In the meantime, you can pre-order one for $145.

YouTube: BassMe – FEEL THE SOUND

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Source: BassMe press release

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