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Autodesk Acquires PlanGrid, Construction Productivity Software and Blueprint App

Autodesk, one of the most popular CAD solution providers, has now completed the acquisition of PlanGrid, a leading provider of construction productivity software, for $875 million net of cash, but what does that really entail?

As technology develops and world advances, the construction industry is lagging behind. Many other industries are no longer relying on paper to conduct most of their activities. This includes various development projects, as developers no longer need to struggle with a desk full of large drawings, participants coming to knock on their door every five minutes, etc. 


In the field of construction, this is where PlanGrid comes to the stage. Aiming to solve the issues that get in the way of actual building, such as paperwork, litigation, and broken communication, this company has created an all-inclusive, field-ready mobile platform for construction project development.

What is PlanGrid?

Simply put, PlanGrid is a mobile construction management software for general contractors, specialty contractors, design teams, owners, etc. The software provides everyone involved real-time access to project drawings and blueprints, as well as all related documents such as specifications, daily reports, and progress images.

The aim is to bring together everyone working on a project and provide them with access to everything they might need during the project realization. It allows all contributors instant access to documents that are hyperlinked automatically, versioned in order, and easily searchable.

This reduces the number of repeated visits to the trailer, minimizes rework, and allows finding answers faster through instant collaboration.

PlanGrid features

The software offers a wide array of features including punch lists, instant, personalized notifications, drawings comparison, customization of tasks for tracking work and managing QA/QC items, access to all construction documents from anywhere, automatic versioning and hyperlinking of detail callouts, 360 degrees photos uploads, advanced search and filtering, progress tracking, and of course, sharing options. Additionally, the platform automatically backs up and encrypts everything. This removes any fear of losing data or it falling into wrong hands.


The app itself is available on a wide range of devices. Therefore you can download it from the App Store, Google Play, as well as get it for your Windows machine. You can test it out for free, and the website offers various resources to get you started.

The PlanGrid team has left nothing to chance, so anyone interested can join their webinars, training, and consulting. This will allow anyone to partake in the software used by more than one million projects around the world.

YouTube: PlanGrid – Welcome to the new era of construction productivity

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Source: Autodesk press release

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