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When you spend the majority of your day slaving away behind a desk, there are certain necessities and comforts you just can’t do without. Having an arsenal of certain essentials like a power strip or healthy snack, not only makes life easier but increases productivity. So what exactly are these essentials that everyone should keep at their desk? Read on to find out my top 10!

1.       Organization

This seems like a simple tip but it’s essential for any desk if you require functionality. While some of us may be neat freaks (like me) many of us simply do not know where to start. I find that the best advice is that you start fresh without anything in your workspace. Then work backwards to place essential tools into the desk while discarding items that are of no use.

2.       Wiring

It seems almost impossible to keep wires organized and out of the way. Often wire clutter builds up as we amass monitors, desktops, laptops, cell chargers, and whatever else we may need. This clutter often cuts down the workable space of your desk by large amounts. Luckily many products and tricks exist to help solve this problem. Stores like Walmart and Ikea offer a variety of cable management tools at relatively inexpensive prices. Still for those of us handy with tools many cheaper alternatives work just as well.

3.       Light Snacks

This may seem odd and random to some but it really isn’t. Considering the fact that most office workers are unable to prepare or purchase any sort of nutritious food while at work, it just makes sense. Having healthy snacks tucked away in a single drawer in your desk can help you throughout the day. Remember, while you need energy desk jobs aren’t very physical so eating healthy is key!

4.       Photos

While you may have to shrug off much of your personality at work for the sake of professionalism there is one thing you should never turn your back on. Having a photo of family, children, or friends on your desk makes toiling away behind your desk all day seem much more purposeful.

5.       To-Do List

Keeping a list of the day’s priorities on your desk in plain sight is a great boost to overall efficiency. These lists will help you stay on track with minimum distraction.

6.       Hygiene Products

Those experienced with years of experience working behind a desk understand the importance of keeping certain basic hygiene products within arm’s reach. Many keep things like mouthwash, gum, deodorant, travel tooth paste/brush, and tissues within their desk in case of emergencies. These emergencies may not even be related to work either, you could simply have after work plans that require you to look your best.

7.       Desk Mat

Desk Mats are large surfaces that span almost the entire surface of your desk. These mats can serve multiple purposes that could aid a number of different tasks. Some of these provide organization flaps and pockets for holding important memos and pens, while the mat itself can be easily used as a very comfortable mouse pad for your desktop or mouse equipped laptop. It also never hurts that these mats often increase the aesthetic appeal of your workspace.

8.       Create a Process

We all have a process, a method to our madness. Make sure that your desk is working with you and your process and not against it. Give every drawer a category, and more process minded individuals might like keeping open projects on the left with finished work on the right side. These little tips will help you focus more on work and not on where your paper is.

9.       Add Storage

Sometimes you simply do not have enough drawers, or cabinets to really tame your workspace. Those who choose to forego investing in new organizational materials will often regret their decision a month or two down the road. Small filing cabinets or little work shelves above your desk can be a godsend when the work comes piling in.

10.   Inspiration

The last required desk essential is something either inspirational or motivational. It’s important to keep your goals, dreams, and happy thoughts close by in order to overcome any overwhelming workloads or office adversity.

About the Author

This article was written by David Holly. As professional writer for FindAFax.com, David knows what its like to sit behind a computer typing away all day. He also knows how to make any office space more comfortable and organized for maximum happiness and effectiveness. To learn more about David, check out his Google+.

Feature image by Robert Freiberger

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Guest Author
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