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Atari VCS Available in 2019, Already Sold to 9500+ Backers [Video]

Despite the delay in delivering the retro gaming console Atari VCS, the company still managed to get a crowdfunding sum of almost $2.5m through sheer hype and the Indiegogo campaign has only started. You still have about a month time to decide whether or not you’d like to join this train.

As of now, there are more than 9,500 gamers who already opted-in to back the Atari VCS. The purchasing options vary between a price of $199 and $339. Atari estimates that they’ll be able to deliver the first units in July 2019, so roughly, we’ll have to wait another year for this retro gem.

Here’s the Atari VCS trailer to understand a little bit more about the new-yet-old-but-new console. Next to the actual console demo, the video also contains insights from industrial designer, Dana Krieger, and Twitch Studios director, Marcus Graham, who both share their views on the system.

YouTube: Atari VCS: Game, Stream, Connect Like Never Before. Get #AtariVCS at AtariVCS.com

Photo credit: The used feature image and the embedded video is owned by Atari.
Source: Indiegogo campaign and YouTube video as linked in the article.

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