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As·phyx·i·a: The Beauty of Dance and Data [Video]

The project as·phyx·i·a is a collaboration that led to an experimental film, which combines the beauty of art and technology. They utilized the Microsoft Xbox One Kinect camera device to capture human motion data and work on that data in 3d rendering software to craft this stunning film accompanied by a great soundtrack. If you decide to watch this piece of art, do yourself a favor and switch to 1080p HD and fullscreen playback. If you want to check for behind-the-scenes material, you can also have a look at the making-of video of as·phyx·i·a. Enjoy!

Music and Direction: Maria Takeuchi
Visuals and Direction: Frederico Phillips
Performance Artist: Shiho Tanaka
Camera Filming / Support: Samuel Blalark
Camera equipment: Jason Guerrero

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