More Apps Are Created to Help Children Online


British help organization, Childline, has launched an app “For Me” in order to help young people directly through their smartphones. It was designed by few enthusiastic teenagers, who wanted to use disposable technology for creating a modern and reachable support for every young person in need.

For Me is one of a kind app that provides counseling in every moment, so person who seeks help can be taken care of. Everything in the app is related to be responsive and confidential. Currently, the app is only free for download in UK and Channel Islands, and its main functionality has discreet and private usage.

When it comes to school problems, one of the app creators, Laura Hindle, says that their initial idea came from their own school lessons. “I hope it will really make a difference to people of our age who are struggling,” says Hindle.

For Me By Childline View More by This Developer Open iTunes to buy and download apps. Description Wherever you are and whatever life throws at you, Childline is now easier to access than ever before. ‘For me’ is the brand new way to get advice and support on loads of topics – from issues that can play a big part in everyone’s life, like school and exam stress, through to extremely personal issues, such as self-harm and mental health. We’re here for you, whatever’s on your mind. And you’re in control: whether you prefer to talk it through with one of our trained counsellors, get help online from people your own age, or read through tips and techniques in your own time, with ‘For Me’, the choice is yours. • Get access to self help advice and support on a huge range of issues • Watch videos to help you feel better • Create your own mood tracker and have your own private locker space that’s just for you • Chat to other young people about whatever you want on our lively and supportive message boards • Call, or email a Childline counsellor ...More Childline Web SiteFor Me Support What's New in Version 1.01 1-2-1 chat with a counsellorAbout the For Me app

Via app you can have a chat with the counselor, daily mood tracker, and a personal journal. Childline was founded 30 years ago, and from then it was meant to be a solution for all children with psychological problems. It was present in all telephone boxes trough the UK.

Furthermore, with technology that came ahead, the methods of children support have developed as well. Today, more than 1.8 million sessions were held on Childline website. Every contact was with mobile phones.

Now, there is a free app, available on the iOS app store, while the Android version is on the waiting list.

This is not the only app for supporting youngsters in need

More and more companies are investing in technology related to support services. Even Facebook has recently presented strategies for preventing violence among children online.

Is there a new trend or necessity?

Of course, there is a sign that tech industry does not use their costumers only as consumers but also cares for their social health. Nowadays, we can’t deny that online world is disruptive for insecure teens. There are more and more cases of online bullying among teenagers globally, and every single one is resulting in self-harming of the victims.

How does online support apps work?

Everything is set into algorithms which are controlled by artificial intelligence systems. Inner works of an algorithm are related to phrases and words that could be identified as a struggle for the app user. Instagram has something similar planned.

Besides Facebook and Instagram, workplace messaging services, such as Slack, offers options for direct contact with therapy services. The Slack app directory has more than 400 apps, including TalkLife Connect – an online therapy platform based around instant messaging.

Bullying online can be stopped, tech industry surely knows how to help. Childline is available for young people online and on the phone at any time. As well as the new app, young people can ring Childline on 0800 1111 or visit their website for help and support.

Only on iOS?

At this moment, the For Me app is only available for iOS. It is unclear why the relatively large segment of children using Android devices was not catered in this project. As per their website, they are “working really hard on an Android version of For Me.”

YouTube: For Me App by Childline

Photo credit: NSPCC
Source: NSPCC press release / Liat Clark (Wired)

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