Apple Launches a New Sports Game Franchise “Ultimate Rivals”


Apple LogoUS, December 12, 2019 – Apple revealed a new sports game franchise called “Ultimate Rivals” from Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. It’s a sports game franchise that gathers athletes from soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and baseball together in a single video game. The “Ultimate Rivals” is an officially licensed video game, where players can choose superstar athletes to compete in two-on-two matches, and it is currently available on Apple Arcade.

“Ultimate Rivals: The Rink”

The first title in the franchise is called “Ultimate Rivals: The Rink.” Here, players can choose from more than 50 athletes to compete in hockey matches. Different combinations will unlock new, unique ways to play in the competition. You can play against the AI or the other gamers in the online multiplayer matches. The game is available on Apple Arcade on all iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and Mac. It’s expected that in spring 2020, the second title in the franchise will be launched with the name “Ultimate Rivals: The Court,” an NBA-licensed basketball game.


A new-generation game

Ben Freidlin, the CEO and Founder of Bit Fry Game Studios, and the creator of “Ultimate Rivals,” said: “We are ripping up the sports video game rule book and re-writing it for a new generation. We’re starting with the gamer first and empowering their imagination to create the ultimate team of athletes across sports, in a way only they can envision”.

An innovative experience

With this game, the Apple team wanted to deliver a “curated catalog” where players are offered an innovative experience that extends the limits of the meaning of a game. The “Ultimate Rivals” gives players the opportunity to play with their favorite athlete. A lot of famous athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, WNBA, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team can be found in this game.



Of course, there will be added more athletes over time, ensuring constant updates of the game. “Ultimate Rivals” gives great gaming action with “smooth, 60-frames-per-second graphics, tight controls, leading-edge visuals, and sound design”. Players can play online in multiplayer games, or as a single player against AI opponent with Bluetooth-connected console controller or with touch controls.

Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc.

For those who don’t know, Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. is an independent multi-platform developer and publisher of sports video games. Also, it is the first studio to combine licenses from all player unions and four leagues into a single gaming franchise. In addition, Bit Fry has concluded licensing agreements with nine professional sports organizations, such as the NBA, NHL, WNBPA, and others.

It’s exciting to see and try out the “Ultimate Rivals,” to see what this innovative game has to offer.

YouTube: Ultimate Rivals — The Rink — Apple Arcade

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Sources: Apple Newsroom

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