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‘NHL 19’ Details, Release Date + Trailer

After announcing it on this year’s NHL Awards, EA has delighted us with more details about their newest hockey game, NHL 19, which is, as planned, coming out on September 14 for PS4 and Xbox One, for $59.99.

So, what can we expect?

From what we could see in the trailer and read on EA and PlayStation blogs, NHL 19 will bring exciting new experiences, including faster skating and outdoor matches accompanied with spectacular landscapes of frozen lakes and surrounding forests and mountains.

NHL 19 EA Sports Game Screenshot Example Outside

The game includes the EA Sports Hockey League, NHL THREES, Play Now modes and new modes NHL ONES and Pro-Am. In NHL ONES mode, you and two other players have the opportunity to compete in a 1v1v1 free-for-all challenge. All these modes are housed together under a unified progression hub called World of CHEL.

Once the game finally reaches the shelves of shop around the world, you will be able to play with and against 200 of the greatest hockey legends, including the famous Wayne Gretzky and All-Star Defenseman P.K. Subban.

nhl-19-Hero-Tertiary-FG-self-expression-features-lgChange your player’s appearance and clothing

This beautiful new hockey simulation brings millions of different possible clothing combinations, allowing you to express your personality by choosing among 900 items including hoodies, jackets and much, much more.

Not only do you get to tailor your character’s appearance to your liking into such incredible detail, but you also get new playstyle classes and player traits, which allow you to improve your performance on the ice. You earn these interesting new customizations as you advance through the game.

In the words of EA Sports blog writers, the new Explosive-Edge skating, fuelled by Real Player Motion (RPM) Tech lets you “generate speed using edgework and crossovers, providing you with the ability to accelerate in ways never before possible. Experience high-pace hockey action worthy of today’s NHL with control that only elite players possess.” We can hardly wait.

YouTube: NHL 19 | Official Reveal Trailer

Photo Credit: All images used are owned by EA Sports.
Source: EA Sports blog post, Mitchell South (PlayStation Blog)

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