Apex Stand: Give Some Love to Your Apple Goods


HAVIT Electronics is a company based in Guangzhou, China, and some of you might know them for epic, bulky, funk gaming gear. Granted that, their equipment looks really neat as it is, however they have made a step into a new segment now. They have completed a Kickstarter campaign for their ergonomic laptop stand product, called Apex Stand.

Ergonomic Working: Apex Stand

Even though I am not using laptops very much, I directly fell in love with the Apex Stand. It features a neat design and gives a lot of cool functionality without getting bulky or complicated. The best of all is, it helps you use the computer in a way that supports your back, so I don’t have to hang on the machines like a hunchback anymore. Responsible for the design is the Sano Design Lab.


It works best with Apple peripherals but I’m sure it would also match any other gear with similar sizes. You better check that out before you it. It starts at $49, depending on the options. What other features does this little buddy provide you with? Here are the core features as described by maker HAVIT.


  • Adjustable iPhone stand
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to pack away
  • Light and compact
  • Super portable
  • 3-in-1 stand (MacBook, iPad, iPhone)
  • Increased laptop ventilation
  • Spill protection
  • Cable management
  • Display stand
  • Apple design match

User Group

Of course the product is not limited to these but HAVIT has identified the following people as their primary user group. So if you’re either a student, office worker, hot desker, DJ, traveler, teacher, designer, artist, business professional or an Apple user in general you might love this solution. If you’re a road warrior for business or just a digital citizen doing all kinds of stuff on the go (I’m looking at you, Silvia Spiva), this might be really adding value to your digital day.

Do You Feel the Love?

Designer Insight

Don Wilder, leader at Sano Design Lab, said, “We designed this stand because we noticed most people who use laptops will unnaturally slouch their backs and drop their shoulders, which will lead to health problems over time. By raising the laptop with carefully designed angles, the Apex Stand can ergonomically change user’s sitting posture, thereby help preventing diseases like Computer Back, Mouse Shoulders, Carpal Tunnel Syndromes etc.”

Other News: Available on Amazon for Christmas

This December, yes that one starting in a few days, they will launch the Apex Stand for sale on Amazon. So just in time to grab some really awesome Christmas gifts for all your digital friends and family members. It’s not yet up but just try this search in a few days or check their homepage for more details. If you don’t know anyone who would like that, just give me one. 😉

For Health and Wellbeing

apex stand health ergonomics

YouTube: Introducing the Apex Stand

Source: PR Newswire / HAVIT
Photo credit: HAVIT / Sano

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