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How the ‘Anno’ Games Changed in the Last 21 Years [Video]

Some of you will recall how it was like to play Anno 1602, back in 1998, other’s might have been too young for it, and that’s okay. Not every video game franchise can keep the fans entertained for 20 years and longer. I am happy to see that now, Ubisoft and Blue Byte have continued the lineage with the new title Anno 1800 to carry on what Max Design started two decades ago. Try it out for yourself and lead the way into the industrial revolution in this new simulation/strategy game.

Here’s a video by the Candyland channel on YouTube to compare both the oldest and the newest versions with each other, along with an excursion to the games that were released in between. If you liked the clip, make sure to leave a thumbs-up over there or subscribe to the channel if you want to keep up to date with their videos about games, graphics, and mods. Enjoy!

YouTube: The Evolution of Anno – All Anno games from 1998 to 2019 | History Video

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