Amabrush: 10 Seconds Automatic Toothbrush Funded in Just 1 Hour


San Francisco, US, July 5 — Amabrush is a new kind of toothbrush that tries to make brushing your teeth more comfortable and less time-consuming. Austrian Founder and CEO, Marvin Musialek, has managed to achieve his Kickstarter crowdfunding goal of €50,000 in just about an hour. The people seem to love the idea.

Right now, more than 3,000 people have backed this idea with more than €300,000 in funding. The campaign still goes on for another 28 days.

What’s different about Amabrush?

The main features of Amabrush are that it’s fully automated and takes only 10 seconds to complete your teeth brushing routine. There seems to a be a high demand for such convenience products as many people don’t brush their teeth well enough and sometimes even skip to clean them all together.

CEO, Marvin Musialek, wants to, “simplify the toothbrushing routine many people are annoyed from” and added, “Amabrush is a true game changer since the toothbrush itself. We all will never ever have to brush our teeth anymore.”

What are the features?

The solution uses antibacterial silicone material. This means that about 99.99% of all bacteria are directly killed before they can cause any harm. The solution runs on a battery that lasts for about 28 toothbrushing sessions and can then be charged with the Amabrush charging station wirelessly.

The system is modular so you can just swap the mouthpiece and share the system with someone else, just like you could do with a regular electric toothbrush. Toothpaste capsules are inserted into the handset and are then pumped into the mouthpiece.

Is it complicated to use?

As you might already expect, using the Amabrush is not difficult but might need some people some time to get used to. All you have to do is putting it into your mouth, push the button, let it do it’s automated brushing for 10 seconds, spit out and rinse the mouthpiece with water to clean the remaining foam off.

Parts and prices

Just like with a regular toothbrush, you should replace a mouthpiece every 3-6 months. One mouthpiece is planned to cost about €6, so it’s a little more expensive than cheap toothbrushes but about the same price as mouthpieces for other electric toothbrushing systems.

One toothpaste capsule costs about €3 and lasts for more than a month (if used by one person alone). So again, the pricing is a little bit more expensive than cheap toothpaste but similar to premium brands. Amabrush currently offers the types Extra Fresh (blue), Whitening (white) and Sensitive (rose – without fluoride).

The Amabrush Pro bundle that comes together with a handpiece, mouthpiece, wireless charging station and three toothpaste capsules is planned to have a retail price of €199.

YouTube: Amabrush Is a Fully Automated and Time-Saving New Toothbrush

Photo credit: Amabrush
Source: Kickstarter project site / press release 
Editorial notice: Author did not have the chance to try the product himself. The report is based on provided facts and data.

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