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Algorithmic Perfumery: Utilizing AI to Create Unique Fragrances

From fashion to art, technology has transformed the way we express ourselves. One of these is ScenTronix that takes us to what they call a ‘new era of creation’ by taking algorithmic technology to create perfumes.

ScenTronix believes that every individual is unique and is worthy of being recognized. They believe that scents can help people connect to themselves and reach their creative potentials, hence the creation of Algorithmic Perfumery. This creates a one-of-kind scent for each person using AI and the help of their sensory machine.

The company debuted the Algorithmic Perfumery at New York City’s Ace Hotel in February 2020 and received a continuous positive response from people since then. Now, we can examine our reflections of ourselves through scent.

Experiencing scents with AI

Algorithmic Perfumery can be defined as an adventure to create a perfume that mirrors your pursuits and character. Frederik Duerinck, the founder of ScenTronix, shared how AI plays a pivotal role in the creation of unique scents for “people to have a highly personalized and meaningful experience with their senses.”

Such an experience is felt even as a person steps into the ScenTronix’s Living Lab. One can instantly smell the work being done as each bottle is custom-made to each person. Once a person provides data to the AI, it will learn according to the input and create the scent from there. The result is a unique scent created on-site, usually 15-45 minutes to finish up.

Scentronix guarantees that they are diligent in calibrating the capacities and user interface of the AI with frequently renewed programming. The tailor-made scents are generated by a machine-learning algorithm created by the company, which is a significant element to the production method of the perfume.

History of creating scents

Duerinck co-founded ScenTronix with Anahita Mekanik, whom he met in New York in 2017. They were working on a futuristic exhibition of scent masterpieces. One of the artworks was a partnership with a musician who uses computer-generated sounds and a perfumer whose work is planted in managing every decision throughout the process. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mekanik stated that the whole idea was of Duerinck’s, and it was conceived through his sketching. She also mentioned that he had a goal to create endless innovative possibilities resulting from utilizing AI to bring light to the unexplored universe of scent industries. With the rise of continuous recognition of Algorithmic Perfumery’s potential Scentronix receive, the technology is positioned to change the game of the perfumery industry.

YouTube: Interview with Frederik Duerinck – Algorithmic Perfumery

Photo credit: The feature image is taken by Christin Hume.

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