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Manage Company Expenses Better with Pleo

Business trips and outings seem glamorous on the outside until paperwork gets involved. Filling up forms is a hassle when you already have so much to so while keeping receipts is just a hassle to not accidentally throw away. Trips out of the country involve a lot of computation because of the ever-changing exchange rates of currencies. There are instances that you’ll need to even take your cash out to be reimbursed at a way later date. Of course, that’s all on top of being mindful of the company’s budget.

Keeping track of all the expenses is probably a nightmare to handle for your company’s financial administration as well. There are ways to work around this of course. Corporations can provide cash on hand to their employees or a business credit card for easier expenditure. Some companies like e-hailing services offer business profiles for travel expenses.

However, Pleo Technologies offers a different kind of solution to this. They’ve created Pleo, a company card that simplifies the process of using company expenses and its reports.

Simplifying company expenditures

Paperwork is a tedious portion when using company resources, which is one of the biggest things that Pleo resolves easily. A company can choose to create a virtual or physical Pleo MasterCard for employees to use for expenses. The card can easily be connected to the corresponding bank account that the company is using. It is also customizable in terms of what the employee can use it for.

Expenses made with the card are automatically recorded and monitored through a dashboard. Some people tend to lose, forget, or even accidentally throw away receipts so this saves a lot of time. Since receipts are automatically recorded and collected in one place, it greatly diminishes the time spent doing expense reports.

If you’re thinking that people might overspend with the Pleo card, don’t worry. The card is prepaid so there’s no danger of overspending on the employee’s part. At the same time, it alleviates the financial stress for the employee when thinking about overspending the company’s money. It also eliminates the need for them to shell out their own money for reimbursement later on.

Pleo simplifies how employees use company expenses and save time in creating reports on these. Currently, companies can sign up to get a free trial. For those who want to start using it outside the trial, the plan starts at £5 per user per month.

YouTube: What is Pleo?

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