How Could AI Help Bloggers to Optimize Their Writing?


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown much in the few past years. 37% of businesses around the world are using this technology in some way. Even though AI has been around for a while, there is a growing potential to be seen here.

But how could AI support the workflows of bloggers and other creative writers? AI has various tools to assist bloggers in different categories and sections of their work. One of the most common challenges that a writer has to face in his career is the repetition of his words. AI-based tools have helped them a lot by providing an efficient way to deal with maximum tasks in the writing field. In this article, I want to tell you about some discoveries I have made in regard to AI-powered writing.

AI-based tools for bloggers

You can’t deny that AI can replace human labor in many fields. It has revolutionized the digital world and made most actions easy without human interference. Let’s have a look at some AI tools that bloggers are using in their work.

One of the most important tasks for a blogger or writer is to check for grammar mistakes and resolve them. It is difficult for a person to do it manually. Grammarly is one of the most popular tools for this task around the world, at least when you want to write in the English language. It is an AI-based tool that will understand the meaning of the context and give you suggestions to make your copy clearer to the audience. It has helped bloggers a lot to write optimized and error-free content for their websites. Of course you don’t have to be a research paper writer to use such tools, they often also offer a free tier for consumers.

Along with grammar checks, a blogger needs to extract optimized titles to rank his work higher. While not available through a browser plugin, they also offer a very useful service on their website to check text for plagiarism issues. You don’t want to end up with rogue copy, especially when dealing with SEO “hackers” who just “contribute” to insert a backlink for their clients. There are also interesting AI-based headline generators coming from companies like CoSchedule, BrightEdge, HubSpot, and others that are helping you write a good title for your article.

For a writer, research is also an essential portion without which they can’t compose content properly. A person should read multiple blog posts, articles, journals, and papers to write on a topic and to find evidence to back their thesis. Of course, quotes can be used with proper credit and links, but copying large parts of the text is still a no-go and legally an issue to avoid. You should generally stay away from tools that rephrase content just to avoid being identified for plagiarism. Even if they come with a sort of AI, the text will be hard to read and indeed sound like a machine churned it from various sources.

Now, we are going to show some factors that will ensure how this technology has helped bloggers a lot.

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How is AI useful for bloggers?

There is a great potential for benefits that you writers could benefit from when using AI-based tools for some aspects of your work. If you are still confused about the useful features of these tools, you can have a look at the following section.

Save time

For a blogger, it is common to deal with multiple articles every day. The author may have to analyze, edit, and publish them on different platforms. The process to analyze different blog posts and edit them takes much time for a blogger. They may not be able to save enough time to focus on other tasks. With AI-based tools, you can reduce the time and effort that you have to invest in your blogs. It will provide you same article within minutes that a man may take the whole day to write. In this way, it has helped the bloggers a lot to focus on different sections.

Enhance readability

A blogger can be more productive if they have fresh content with a high readability score. There are a few factors to decide whether the content is readable or not. These factors include word selection, sentence length, and sentence structure. A blogger may include complex phrases in his work unintentionally as it seems to be easy for him. The AI-based tool will overcome this problem and help the blogger to get a higher readability score. A good solution to analyze the readability and SEO value is to leverage plugins from Yoast. They will check your copy and suggest changes for you to implement.

Workflow optimization

Keywords or other specific terms are basic parts of any content or blog with SEO intent. A writer may keep adding the same words, phrases, and keywords in his writing often. It will be harmful to his work and keep him in the lower ranks. A blog article should include variations in keywords in different sections. An AI-based tool will do this task for a blogger by increasing optimization through keyword variations. This is also something that Yoast can help you with, as briefly mentioned above. The premium features might cost a bit but the free service tier is already very useful to address such matters.

Creative ideation

As we have discussed, some headline analyzers and generators are available out there. Sometimes, a writer is unable to find creative ideas to start writing. Similarly, they may not be able to write unique, natural, and fresh content for their website. In both cases, AI tools will enable him to work efficiently without harming the actual meanings of the content. It can help them not only to improve the headline of the article, but some of the tools also suggest ideas on what to write about.


The above points have ensured the importance of AI tools in the life of many bloggers and writers. Can AI solutions replace a human? These tools are efficient enough to support better outcomes in our tasks, but a tool can’t (currently) replace the human brain completely – especially as far as creative activity goes. It is because these are pre-programmed tools that will follow specific instructions. Often enough, the term AI is misused for marketing and the technology doesn’t really provide artificial intelligence.

If there is an error in the code, it could result in a terrible outcome. Therefore, a human should be there to maintain control and make sure that artificially created or augmented content is fine. Also, it may show bad outcomes regarding blog writing because of the above problems. Being a blogger, you can’t bear such problems in your work. You should check and evaluate the blog before publishing it on your website. Your reputation is your currency.

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