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1 New AI vs 7 Old AIs: Who Will Prevail in Age of Empires II? [Video]

Saying that I have an interest in artificial intelligence would be an understatement and those who know me know I like to play around as well with AI and machine learning. And because the almighty Google algorithm knows me that well too and that I also like video games, it naturally recommended me to watch this gem. It’s not esports, it’s machines taking on machines.

Today I’m sharing with you the clip by Spirit Of The Law who manages a YouTube channel that deals with the game Age of Empires II (original 1999, new edition 2019) in a very deep and analytical way. He is popular not only because he does some funky experiments and math but also because his work is largely entertaining. In the video below you can see a match in this game that monitors the performance of one modern AI teaming up against seven old AIs. Who do you think will win? Enjoy!

YouTube: 1 New AI vs 7 Old AIs – Age of Empires II

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Microsoft and has been provided as part of a press kit.

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