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Adorable Home: The Charming, Domesticated Simulation Game

If you’re a fan of cute app-based mini-games and love collecting digital goodies, you might want to look into HyperBeard‘s latest simulation game — Adorable Home. If the name ‘HyperBeard’ sounds familiar, it’s because they’re also the game developers behind some of the most popularized apps, such as Tsuki Adventure, KleptoCats and Clawbert.

Adorable Home

Aim of the game

Adorable Home aims to provide you with a relaxing gaming experience with mini-tasks and games. The game begins with you selecting a character for yourself and another one to be your partner. There are a total of eight characters to choose from, and it’s nice that the game allows players to select same-sex partners for gameplay.

You and your life partner then embark on your journey together as you both move into your new house. Collect furniture, capture memories, complete chores, and purchase items with love that you earn. That’s right, the game’s currency relies on hearts. You can earn and accumulate ‘love’ by preparing your partner’s meals, feeding your cat, and tending to your cat’s needs.

Adorable Home

How can something so adorable have any downsides?

While this game features some rather cute yet simplistic art, I couldn’t find myself enjoying the gameplay. Unfortunately, ‘Adorable Home’ didn’t seem quite so adorable as I initially thought. This is because it was loaded with a seemingly never-ending number of ads.

The app allows you to double your heart earnings by watching advertisements. Even if you do decide to take a pass watching 30 seconds of ads, they still pop up in between mini-games, whether you like it or not. Sadly, I found that the overwhelming number of ads completely presented this game as being more stressful than relaxing.

While I desperately wanted to like this game and find solace within it, I also found the mini-games to be repetitive and limited. There are ultimately three games that you can choose from — showering your cat, petting it, and cutting its nails. These games don’t require a lot of time to complete, yet it forces you to wait for a few hours before you can complete them once more.

Adorable Home

But the game’s not all bad. If there is a positive to these mini-games, it’s that players might appreciate that they prove to be slightly challenging when you attempt it for the first time. Apart from the pesky advertisements and the limited gameplay, if you’re a fan of collecting furniture and decorating living spaces, Adorable Home is free on Android and iOS.

YouTube: Adorable Home – Trailer

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