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Tsuki Adventure: Your Friendly Neighborhood Rabbit

Going to work, coming back home, and doing that all over again for 5 days a week is something most of us do. If you’re this person, you probably imagined at one point living a less stressful and more meaningful lifestyle. Perhaps living and managing a farm? At least I have.

Even if you haven’t, farming simulators have always been alluring. Even now, there are a number of farming apps from popular games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon have mobile versions that reaches more people than ever. It’s no wonder that we have something like Tsuki Adventure to add to the roster of cute farm games you can find for your phone.

Hopping back home

HyperBeard brings you Tsuki Adventure where you follow the titular bunny character Tsuki. Tsuki starts out as a corporate rabbit working hard in the Great City. With all the stress and a mean boss, Tsuki decides to quit his job and return to his home town, Mushroom Village. His grandpa had left the carrot farm for him and he decides to spend his time enjoying life. This is where your journey with him begins.

The goal of the game is to collect “diary entries” or stories by visiting Tsuki at different times of the day or making him interact with certain items. At times, you’ll need to help him out or initiate an event. There are a lot of diary entries to be discovered to learn more about Tsuki and his surroundings.

Carrots grow in Tsuki’s farm and you can harvest them every 2 hours. You can also talk to certain animals to watch ads and gain carrots. One even gives you free fertilizer. With your carrots, you can buy new items for Tsuki or tickets to travel to new places.

Talk to other animals like Yori the fox and Chi the giraffe to raise your friendships with them. These friendly animals can give you new items or new entries at a certain level of friendship.

This game is ideal for people who want a relaxing, low-maintenance, on-the-go type of app. The app does not require internet access so you can check up on Tsuki whenever and wherever you want.

I’ve been playing it for quite some time now and I still haven’t collected all the diary entries yet. Tsuki is available on both Android and iOS. Make sure to also drop by their Facebook and Instagram to look out for codes for free carrots. Happy harvesting!

YouTube: Tsuki Adventure – Trailer

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