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Acer’s Chromebase: All-In-One Chrome OS-based Desktop

When it comes to the world of operating systems, few have come to garner as much popularity as Windows or macOS. This is due to many factors, the most important of which are the ease-of-use they offer with their user-friendly interface and its speed at which they can perform tasks.

Google tried its hand at developing an operating system known as the Chrome OS. The OS stored most of its user data on cloud servers, making it primarily web-based. It was the primary OS for all Chromebooks. However, this quickly fell out of fashion due to the lack of functionality compared to its rivals. Acer revived the Chrome OS with Chromebase, an all-in-one desktop made primarily for office and educational use.

Acer Chromebase

What it can offer

The Chromebase is pretty good for the niche tasks it was developed for which revolved around kiosk management, education, or business-related work. However, outside the tasks mentioned, it can’t be expected to do much as its specs are pretty measly compared to other hardware. Then again, with everyone forced to stay at home these days and investing in hardware that lets them work at home, this kind of computer is certainly most welcome.

Acer has improved on the Chromebase line since the press release of the first model back in 2015. Just from the physical aspect alone, they changed the base of the computer from a tilting stand to the new diamond cut stand.

Since this is a computer that works on the Chrome OS, it will also use Google-related apps for most if not all of your tasks. It allows you to schedule a meeting with your Google Calendar, send the invites to other people with your Gmail, and finally have the conference at Hangouts.

While the previous version allowed you to adjust the built-in camera up to 30 degrees, the newer models don’t, and it doesn’t need to. The new versions, 24V2 and 24I2, have a 5MP wide-angle camera in case you have more people in the room for a conference call. The previous model had four mics and two speakers, but the newer ones have trimmed that to two for both mics and speakers.

If the Chromebook is made to handle work-related tasks, this should also have the security to keep your business secrets safe. One of the highlighted aspects of the Chromebase from the getgo is its built-in security and protection. The newer versions promise of multiple-layered protection which they termed “defense in depth”.

Although the two new versions don’t seem to have much difference, the 24V2 is catered to individual users for work. Meanwhile, the 24I2 version is an enterprise version that packs more power to handle multiple work tasks.

Acer’s new Chromebase 24I2 and 24V2 are pretty good for what it was made to do and opens up potential avenues for Chrome OS to be used. While it doesn’t scream innovation, it could definitely be a solution for those who need this for work or education.

YouTube: Acer Chromebase for Meetings First Look | Acer

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