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Zhang Xin (张欣, Zhang is the family name) is surely one of the most iconic figures we came across in our research for great individuals. She worked her way up with factory jobs in her teenage years, trying to make enough money to make it to the UK finally five years later. After her studies she worked for a few organisations across the world before finally co-founding SOHO China together with her husband.

Quick Biography

  • 1965: Born in Beijing, China
  • 1979: Factory work, making garment and electronic products
  • 1984: Studying  English at secretarial school in London and later she studied Economics at the University of Sussex
  • 1992: Master in Development Economics, Cambridge University
  • 1992: Working for Barings Plc, Hong Kong
  • ?: Investment Banking for Goldman Sachs in NYC, USA
  • 1994: Investment Banking for Travelers Group  (now Citigroup)
  • 1995: Founding Hongshi, which later became SOHO China, with her husband Pan Shiyi in her hometown Beijing – acting as CEO ever since
  • 2005: Converting to the Bahá’í Faith
  • 2010: Appearing in the film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
  • 2013: Received honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Sussex

Photo credit: World Economic Forum

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