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Ms Chua Sock Koong has just recently been announced to be one of the Forbes Power Woman in 2014. Being daughter of a Singaporean Minister Chua Sock Koong has attended University with honors and joined SingTel, one of Asia’s largest telecommunication providers, in 1989 and she is CEO since 2007, re-elected last in 2012.

chua_sock_koong-singtel-group-ceo-singapore-female-women-leadership-positionsQuick Biography

  • 1956: Birth (Singapore, Daughter of Minister Chua Sian Chin)
  • ?: Bachelor of Arts and Accountancy (University of Singapore)
  • 1989: Joining SingTel as Treasurer
  • 1992: Vice President of Corporate Affairs at SingTel
  • 1995: Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Finance at SingTel
  • 1999: Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at SingTel
  • 2001: Board Director of SD Bharti Airtel Ltd
  • 2003: Board Director of SD Bharti Telecom Ltd
  • 2006: Group CFO and CEO of SingTel
  • 2007: Group CEO of SingTel
  • 2009: Commission member Singapore Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • 2014: Forbes Power Woman #74 

Photo credit: SingTel / ONEREDEYE

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