9 Tips and Tricks for Amazon Fire TV Stick to Get the Most Out of It


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In this article, we will highlight how adjustments to Fire TV Stick can be made to enhance your device performance if you’re a UK resident. The best hacks are sideloading apps, external video players, increasing storage, casting, etc.

These hacks can be used on all Fire TV Stick models or FireTV devices. If you own these devices, you must have some knowledge of what these devices can provide and how many other streaming services are available to watch on it along with Prime or by chance, if you lack knowledge, Howtowatchinuk can give you more information related to streaming providers and their device compatibilities.

If some apps are unavailable on the amazon AppStore, the device can be jailbroken and 3rd party apps can be installed enabling Fire TV Stick users to stream movies, games, TV shows, etc in high quality. Everyone can use the tips mentioned in this article below to get the best usage of their Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k is currently the most sought-after model, and Amazon’s latest Fire TV devices, including Fire TV stick max, Fire TV stick lite, and 3rd generation Fire TV stick, are gaining hype quickly. Many of these tricks mentioned below are also available in the Fire TV Stick buffering guide, but some of the tricks are: 

1. Sideloading apps

People who have been using Fire TV Sticks for some time must have become aware of Fire TV Stick sideloading apps’ function. As this is an android system, those apps not available on the amazon app store can be sideloaded via streaming APKs.

Popular side-loading apps include MX player, Kodi, Stremio, cinema HD, Unkinked, and Aptoide. To side-load the apps, you need to use the Downloader feature.

2. Speeding up Fire TV Stick or Fire TV

Buffering and downloading speed are some actions in which we prefer to have a faster speed and to do so. There are many ways to reduce buffering time and increase speed in Fire TV. Firstly, you should always make sure to test your internet speed on the Fire TV Stick to survey what type of speed you have.

Secondly, after checking your internet speed, you can use some of these methods to increase your Fire TV Stick speed, such as connecting to an Ethernet cable adapter, making use of Real Debrid within apps and add-ons, adjusting VPN controls, and getting an upgraded internet package.

3. Download a browser for your Fire TV Stick

The true potential of this trick is often not recognized, but with it, you get hundreds of streaming and app options. By downloading a browser, you can access the stream from multiple free sites which provide movies, TV shows, Live sports, documentaries, and a lot of other entertainment.

For installing a browser on your Amazon Fire TV Stick device:

  • Choose the Find tab.
  • Search for the Internet.
  • Tap on Silk Browser.
  • Install the application.

Through Fire TV Stick, you can open your favorite website directly on your television and enjoy the big screen. Also, you can watch movies, live sports, and TV shows from all the popular websites. 

4. Increasing storage on Fire TV Stick with a USB flash drive

A major complaint regarding Amazon Fire TV Stick is its insufficient internal storage, and expanding your storage is a very useful trick for better device performance. To counter the internal storage problem, buy an OTG cable or use a USB flash drive to increase the device’s storage.

Before using any USB device with any Fire TV/ android device, make sure to check it is correctly formatted at FAT32.

5. External video players

Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, unlike other streaming applications, allows external video players in the applications. The most effective video players are VLC media players and MX players. By using external media players, the overall viewing experience would become better, and the buffering would be canceled out.

Cinema HD and plenty of other streaming apps allow you to alter the video players being used within the application.

6. Fire TV’s remote app

Amazon provides a remote with the Fire TV device, but many users have expressed complaints regarding it such as battery failure, syncing issues, etc. A solution to this problem is an app that can be installed by users on their mobile phones which functions just like an actual amazon remote.

The app can be downloaded on all ios, android, and fire devices. A pro of having the app on the phone is that it allows you to use your device’s keyboard, which is much easier to type on than through a remote.

7. Casting from android or ios devices

An unknown feature of the Fire TV Stick is that you can use the screen mirroring option from a separate device onto the tv, enabling you to play anything on your phone and mirror it to the tv in a matter of seconds. To do this, a separate app has to be installed, which you can get free on the Amazon app store, and then you can cast and record directly from your phone or tablet onto the tv.

8. Putting Fire TV Stick to sleep

Amazon Fire TV devices have an inbuilt timer that can put your device to sleep for the time setting if you do not wish to shut it down completely. You can do this manually also by holding down the home button and selecting sleep.

9. Restart your device

To completely power off your Fire TV Stick, hold down the select and play/pause buttons for five seconds simultaneously. If some error occurs and your device does not shut down, it is best to factory reset it.


Amazon Fire TV Stick offers many valuable features, functionality, and app compatibility. Get the most usage out of this device by following these tips and tricks.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Dennizn.

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