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Chromecast Killer? Amazon Brings You the Fire TV Stick

Streaming video has become a necessity in today’s evolving market, but if you want to stream video on your TV there are numerous solutions to help you in this regard. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the newest tools to do such a job, and it provides you with a similar service when compared to the Chromecast, but at the same time brings a better memory and more storage when compared to that device.

Since it’s created by Amazon, this device provides you with tons of content to access at your own pace. There are more than 200,000 multimedia pieces to peruse as you see fit, so there is indeed a lot to process.


Streaming with Amazon Fire TV Stick is very fast, and because of its unique tech the device actually learns what you like and preloads the content so you can avoid the long loading times, and instead you can access the content quickly. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick you actually get a remote, which is really cool to say the least.

Within the Amazon Fire TV Stick you will be able to find voice search, which is actually quite decent when compared to other tools. Still, there’s a lot to until this type of tech will be fully functional, but it does work quite ok. You can connect the portable devices to the TV and stream content, and the best part about it is that you can actually play games on it as well, something you can see as being really cool.


So, is the Amazon Fire TV Stick worth a purchase? Considering the fact that it has a tiny price to begin with, there’s nothing wrong in taking it for a test drive and who knows, you might actually end up liking it. There’s a lot of value to be had for your money, so it’s a good idea to purchase it, if you are in need for a good, portable streamer for your TV with a hefty amount of features.

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