8 Useful Instagram Features to Try in 2022


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Using Instagram for the first time might feel overwhelming. However, due to the nature of the platform, it is pretty intuitive and should not take too long to figure out. Once you get the basics down, you will start to realize how much Instagram has to offer. And you can continue discovering some of its best features. In case you do not know where to start or what to consider, this article should prove quite useful.

Video Downloads

Instagram is one of those platforms that introduced video quite recently. It is a bit surprising that it took so long. Having said that, there are no guarantees that a video you find on Instagram will remain on the platform. If you get back to watching it in the future and find it gone, you will feel disappointed.

To circumvent the potential disappointment, why not get yourself a tool that lets you download videos directly from the platform. The content you save from Instagram on your computer or mobile device can then be transferred to cloud storage and backed up as a copy.


Instagram Reels are another recently introduced feature. If you wish to make your content more interesting, you can post it as a Reel, which is a 15-second video one can sync with the music. The idea is very similar to what we have in TikTok, but it is a free market, so it should not come as a surprise that Instagram borrowed this idea as well.

Camera Modes

Given the fact that Instagram is about visual content and photos, in particular, it is to be expected that the application lets you try different angles and modes with the smartphone or tablet’s cameras.

Focus, Boomerang, and Superzoom are a few examples of how you can modify the pictures you take and publish on Instagram. And since the developers of Instagram are introducing new features constantly, you can keep an eye on even more options for the camera in the future.


Filters are another feature that we often associate with Instagram. A plain photo is not the same. If you were to spend only a few minutes looking through various images posted on Instagram, you would notice that most of them have filters regardless of the content itself. Of course, using the same filters over and over becomes boring, particularly for someone who has been on the platform for many years.

Instagram decided to introduce even more flexibility. Face filters are a fun way to make photos more interesting. You can do more than just change the background or make the image lighter or brighter. No, right now, users can also add various elements to their selfies, such as glasses or mustaches. One could argue that it is one of those gimmicks that get boring pretty quickly, but some more variety is nice to have.


If you want to tag people in your posts, such as stories, you can do so without too much hassle. To mention another Instagram profile, you can either tap on the Aa icon and enter “@” and the profile name to select it, or swipe up before posting a story and selecting the mention sticker from which you can add other profiles.


Hashtags are used to find content. If you want to discover travel or food images on Instagram, you will need to enter relevant hashtags. Otherwise, the suggested posts you see on the front page might not be relevant to you.

Those who work with Instagram also utilize hashtags to grow reach and engagement. If you ever consider growing your Instagram account, you will have to research relevant hashtags and use them on your posts.


There are times when you get followed by profiles that look shady. Despite what some people might say, Instagram has a plethora of bots and fake profiles, which are a hindrance to security.

If you do not keep your account private, you will get unwanted followers. To deal with the issue, simply block these profiles. Blocking a profile on Instagram also means removing that profile from your follower list.


You might have seen users add locations to their posts. It is a nice way to show where you are, particularly if you have followers who are interested in what you do. Similar to how you can add other profiles by mentioning them via stickers, you can also do the same with locations. Swipe up before you submit an Instagram post and select the location sticker.

From here, type in where you are, and the bar will fill automatically after Instagram finds the relevant result. You can also give permissions to the app to track you, which would automate the location detection.


So there you have it. These 8 Instagram features should give you a better idea of what you can do with your Instagram account. If you want to become better at using Instagram, start using the features, and you should have them mastered in no time.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Taras Nagirnyak.

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