6 Games I Always Keep on My Smartphone


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There are countless mobile games available on the iTunes app store or Google Play and downloading the best ones can be tricky. Sometimes, it takes more than just good reviews to find the perfect game to play on your commute or simply to kill some time. Today I wanted to share some iOS and Android mobile games I like with you so you can keep yourself entertained.

1. Hitman GO

Hitman games are an all-time favorite for their open-ended sandboxes. You can creep around museums or parties, while trying to find your target and instantly take them out. But Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game having a simple board game inspired user interface that manages to capture the series’ original essence in an abstract way. It offers creatively designed and smart puzzles that get even more difficult along the way.

So, if the idea of ‘assassinating’ another board game piece excites you, do try it out. You might be hooked to it for a very long time.

2. Big Barn World Social Farming

If you are a fan of multiplayer social farming games, then you must try out the Big Barn World (BBW). It is a great game that allows you to play it with friends, or even make new friends all across the world. Meet new farmers (read: players), share tips and tricks with each other, and join the countless forums, chat rooms, and farm walls dedicated exclusively to BBW.

The best part about this farming game is that it is updated constantly by the developers. Hence, you get to experience seasonal new content all the time. You will love the funny animals and crops that make their way in the game from time to time.

3. Hearthstone

If you like fast-paced and strategic card games like Magic: The Gathering, then Hearthstone is definitely going to be one of your favorite games on your smartphone. From Blizzard Entertainment, makers of Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft, comes this free mobile game that has an easy and streamlined pick-and-play approach. Within an hour or two, you can build your own customized deck of cards and challenge friends or online members.

This is not Solitaire, but maybe you’ll still enjoy trying out something new? Each match lasts for a couple of minutes, making it easy for you to fit it into your routine as well as tempting you to play multiple sessions in one go. The basic version of Hearthstone is free, but if you want an offline version and some powerful and unique cards, then you’ll have to pay for the full version of the game.

4. Ridiculous Fishing

If you have ever been bored with real-world fishing, then Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption is just what you need to play. This game is the complete opposite of real-life calm and patient fishing experience. It is a game that combines firearms and fishing in a non-traditional way, keeping you turning and tilting your phone for hours, trying to get the best bait.

The game is based on a reward system where you earn money from your catches and then spend it on new equipment like fishing lines or weapons that help you to kill fish more effectively. There are a lot of quirky things like toasters and hair dryers that you can add to your line!

For $2.99, Ridiculous Fishing is one game that is going to keep you hooked to your phone and will provide you with ridiculous amounts of fun as you dive deeper into the waters.

5. A Dark Room

One of the most mysterious games of 2017, A Dark Room is a text-only game that starts with a black screen, commanding the player to start a fire. What follows next is a strange series of mystery stories. This game evokes nostalgia, reminding you of the simple text-based games of the 1970s yet also stimulates a very modern impulse to recheck your phone again and again.

Once you start a fire, you have another option to collect wood that is used to build a cart. After building the cart, you can make different traps out of it and spread it in the surrounding forest. After hunting, you can collect fur and cloth and make more huts that attract other people to join your small enclave. This story continues to grow, and it is impossible to predict the future; so, the compulsion to press each word becomes even stronger, as you proceed further into the game.

For $1.99, it is a steal for those who love mysterious or management/real-time strategy games.

6. Threes!

Threes! is a highly addictive puzzle game that is easy to pick up and play but challenging enough to make it difficult for you to put it down. You slide around different numbers on a grid, trying to make two numbers like each other. Once you succeed in finding two compatible numbers, they combine and form a bigger number. In short, you need to keep moving on and combining numbers so that your score increases.

Threes! has a very user-friendly and clean design that makes it even more charming and fun to play. So, if you love to play easy puzzle games to beat your friends’ scores, spend $2.99 and let Threes! become your new smartphone game obsession.


Alycia Gordan Crop

A good method for finding great mobile games is to keep reading the reviews of different games and check if they are periodically updated by their respective developers.

This guest article has been provided by Alycia Gordan.
Photo credit: AFS-USA Intercultural Programs / Respective publishers and developers

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