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Fast fashion is the second most environmentally unfriendly industry in the world. So conscious shopping has never been more important than now. But how, with so many brands on the market, can you tell where to buy? Which brands use more sustainable practices than others?

Fortunately, technology has an answer. Below are the five apps that can help you be more conscious about where you shop and how your actions affect the environment.


5. Good on You

This app was launched in 2015 in Australia and is available globally on iOS and Android. The algorithm is set up to analyze vast amounts of data from Greenpeace Detox, Fair Trade, Carbon Trust and other schemes of sustainability certification. The app, with that analysis, rates brands concerning labor conditions, environmental policies, and usage of animal products (hair, fur, leather).

By using Good on You, you can make a conscious choice to buy from retailers that make the effort to reduce their carbon footprint and work more sustainably. Moreover, the app offers suggestions, which are helpful if your favorite brand is rated “Not Good Enough” or “We Avoid.”


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