How to Get a GamCare Certificate for Gambling Businesses?


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As online gambling is gaining popularity with the years passing by, more and more people are getting introduced to the concept of gambling from the luxury of one’s home. This opens up a large number of avenues in terms of entertainment, money-making, and thrill. However, it also exposes a large number of people to the risks related to gambling. A large number of people have fallen prey to fraudulent websites, third-party applications, scams, and illegal activity online.

The worst threat of all is gambling addiction, leading to the loss of financial property at an unimaginable rate. To curb all the mishaps online, most online gambling companies have signed up with self-exclusion schemes and regulatory bodies that ensure that the policies of Responsible Gambling are followed dutifully. On the same note, there are wagering websites online which do not adhere to any of these schemes, thereby allowing players to take control of their gambling activity online.

GamCare is one service that caters to healthy gambling objectives by minimizing risk on the online gambling platforms and encourages a safe approach to wagering on the Internet. Although many British players prefer gambling blockers, it is still helpful to be certified by this organization if you want to run a successful brand. GamCare functions as a support system for UK players addicted to gambling, but they also take quick solutions for people affected by the same. Furthermore, GamCare also aims to maximize the goals of Responsible Gambling by certification, training, and consultancy solutions to online operators.

Online gambling operators can sign up with the GamCare system and work hand in hand to sensitize online players on the impacts of online casinos. However, this procedure requires one to achieve a GamCare certification, which boosts the company’s reputation. Regardless of the competition to get a certificate from GamCare, there are a large number of websites that are not under any content control system like Gamstop or GamCare. Players who wish to explore beyond their online restrictions can easily check these online platforms.

Credible sites not on GamCare

For UK players, who aren’t willing to restrict themselves to the principles of GamStop, there are several top-rated casinos operators not on GamStop on that operate under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming, Government of Gibraltar, etc. They have loose rules, so they do not have many restrictions. These sites are highly reputed and feature games across genres such as Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Bingo, etc. With thousands of amazing games from leading providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and so on, offering lucrative bonuses, free spins, multipliers, coupons, etc. While their payment systems, security controls, and customer care are impeccable, players can enjoy all the goodies under the directives of responsible gambling.

How to get a GamCare certificate?

Gamcare is one of the few programs which tries to strike a balance between gambling and restriction from gambling activities by encouraging the idea of safety in online casinos. GamCare is one of a kind of a program that aims to help players face problems and carefully reduce the harm related to their online activities.

Since this program tries to study gambling-related problems and achieve a middle ground via the online operators, they appear less intimidating, resulting in more and more online gambling operators applying for GamCare certification. Online gambling operators can increase their standards in the world of gambling by earning certification from GamCare. However, this task has gotten all the more difficult by the day.

To acquire the certification from GamCare, online gambling operators have to ensure the highest level of safety in terms of players’ security, financial security, platform user-friendliness, and information privacy. There should be a self-exclusion system on the gambling website, which proves their social responsibility to GamCare. Some of the additional measures which help online platforms to gain the certification include the following:

  • License from a well-known Gambling Authority such as UKGC and MGA.
  • Responsible gambling policies
  • Age verification systems
  • Control over deposits and withdrawals
  • Efficient customer support systems
  • Absence of any third-party applications or fraudulent systems

Adhering to these practices establishes that the online gambling operator cares for their users online and ensures a safe gaming environment for one and all. Considering the number of gambling sites that try to achieve the certification, the competition to become a trustworthy online gambling company has become all the tighter over the years. However, as long as it encourages more and more websites to take up fair gambling procedures, it serves the purpose.

Concluding thoughts

Gamcare is a well-known and reputable charity agency that looks after the needs of both the online gambling platforms and the gamblers from the UK. You can find plenty of news about this organization, and most of the giants in the UK gambling industry have themselves certified by GamCare. Both the players and the gambling site should be well-read about the perils in the gambling industry and practice safe gambling measures.

However, people who wish to experience unadulterated, guilt-free gambling online can try the gambling operators that are not enlisted on any self-exclusion program or gambling scheme.

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