BaronMerino: The Classy, Sustainable Business-Casual Attire


In a demanding working environment, it can be difficult for people to find business clothes that will feel casual and perform well in different situations. Finding the right business clothes for different environments and stressful situations can take a lot of time that people usually don’t have.

BaronMerino wants to change that. The Austrian startup came up with an innovative solution of high-performance and business-casual clothing that is sustainable at the same time.

Environmental and comfortable business clothes

BaronMerino is a line of premium business clothes that strive to bring the comfortability, durability, and functionality of sports underwear. The collection and fabric are produced in-house in Austria.


Markus Hörtnagl, the founder of BaronMerino, said that he has worked in management for a business group in the past ten years, and he was sick of wearing uncomfortable clothes. Followed by his idea, Markus partnered with an expert fabric producer, and together they have developed this unique line of comfortable business clothes.

The materials used are all in compliance with the highest standards for ethical and fair working conditions. The team is focused on minimizing its environmental impact in any way they can, using sustainable materials for producing BaronMerino clothes wherever possible.

BaronMerino clothes have been designed with a classic style to remain relevant for people of all ages. These clothes combine Merino wool with a unique patented fabric called Meryl Skinlife, an advanced synthetic material that is usually used for sports underwear. The team spent two years researching and testing ways to make Merino wool more comfortable and came up with this innovative solution.


Benefits and quality

According to Hörtnagl, there are no limits on how BaronMerino clothes can be worn. However, the team has decided to start with business clothing collection to make it easy for people to keep up with stressful and demanding working environments.

Apart from that, they also make sure that only soft and high-tech materials come into contact with people’s skin. Here are the key benefits of wearing BaronMerino:

  • Sustainably produced and ultra-comfortable;
  • Resistant to damage;
  • Feels great on the skin and doesn’t scratch;
  • It’s hypoallergenic and regulates body temperature in all weather conditions;
  • Maintains the natural pH balance on the skin;
  • Remains fresh for a long time;
  • It can stay in shape longer, even after frequent washing;
  • Pulls moisture away from the skin and avoids sweating.

The first BaronMerino collection caters to both men and women. The women’s line includes a polo shirt, t-shirt, and blouse. Meanwhile, the men’s line has a polo shirt, t-shirt, and pullover for men. All of these will be available in five colors. Currently, the clothing line has been successfully funded in Kickstarter.

Photo credit: The images used are owned by BaronMerino and have been provided for press usage.
Source: BaronMerino Press Release

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Simona Boskova
Simona Boskova
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