5 Useful Apps in Times of Disasters, Calamities and Other Emergencies


Remember the lyrics from Alphaville’s “Forever Young”? They make a lot of sense in many ways. “…Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst…” is today still very relevant.

That being said, we hope nothing bad will ever happen to you, but you might want to check out the following apps for when things go wrong.

Life360 (The New Family Circle)

Life360 App LogoIf you want to be connected to your family 24/7, you can try Life360 app. It shares valuable information about your family with you, like where they are exactly at a given moment of the day. For instance, every member could get notified if you already left home for school at 8:30 am or if one suddenly had an accident (hope not!).

It makes communication a lot easier too because with this app your family can receive alerts about your whereabouts, especially during a calamity or emergency. Another aspect is that you can you can chat in this app and can get updated on how your family is doing during a storm or if they would need any help and they can’t go out.

One thing is for sure, no one is left behind with this app. And yes, you can also disable the location finder if you want to.

Free on: Apple iTunes / Google Play


911 Siren GPS App Logo“SirenGPS is bringing emergency management into the 21st century with interoperable, cutting-edge, proprietary tools for day-to-day emergency response and large-scale emergency communication”, according to SirenGPS’ website.

With that being said, what sets SirenGPS apart from other apps is that it directly connects itself to emergency services, and in just a few taps, the emergency personnel can know exactly where you are.

You can also add your health report just so the people coming to you will know what type of medicines to bring and what kind of assistance is needed.

Free on: Apple iTunes / Google Play

Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake App Logo Free AndroidThis app is considered to be the most known seismic monitoring app. With its ability to recognize earthquakes surroundings by intensity, distance and time, users of this app can be alerted of different quakes happening not only in your surroundings but in various parts of the world.

There is a map available, and with just one tap, a list will appear showing the news and other needed information about the earthquake that occurred in a particular area.

Free on: Google Play

Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert App

This global app by the Pacific Disaster Centre notifies you on the different active dangers around the globe. The alerts you can receive could be about floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and others disasters occurring elsewhere.

It’s of great help especially if you have loved ones living far away from you. It’s great to know the situation of other communities too, so as to be updated on how can you extend some help to them even if you live on the other side of the world.

Free on: Apple iTunesGoogle Play

First Aid by American Red Cross

First Aid by American Red Cross App LogoIn times of emergencies might you have no idea what to do? This app could indeed get you through. It is divided into these categories: Learn, Prepare, Emergency, Tests, and Hospitals.

Each category has detailed instructions, quizzes, and lessons that you can take to see and enhance your proficiency in this topic. An example of which is knowing how to apply first-aid to allergies, asthma attacks, broken bones, burns and much more. It’s more than that though, you can look for hospitals nearest to you. It sure is a great app if you want to be prepared in case of sudden predicaments around you, and there’s no one else to get help from.

Free on: Apple iTunes / Google Play

Do you know any other useful apps for these and similar scenarios? Share them with us, below in the comment section. Thank you!

Photo credit: Matt Hecht

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