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Asthma Guardian: Monitoring Asthma Through Smartphones

Most asthmatics do not have proper control over their condition. Thankfully, technology today has brought endless choices to our hands through smartphones, such as helping monitor asthma and allergy attacks. One such choice comes in the form of Asthma Guardian by Resmonics, a new and comfortable system to improve control over this condition.

Co-founders Dr. Peter Tinschert and Dr. Iris Shih led this Swiss digital health startup and is based in Zurich. The team is composed of highly qualified specialists that aim to help patients manage their chronic respiratory diseases. This would ultimately help patients adapt to their daily life so that it does not interfere with their activities or sleep.


Keeping track of asthma

Asthma Guardian is the company’s first product, which was developed in partnership with leading Swiss universities and experienced healthcare providers. This helps monitor asthmatic symptoms and keep patients notified about their health status. It uses clinically validated digital biomarkers that have been developed throughout five years of medical research. With this, it can detect the disease process, evaluate the different biological indicators of asthma, and help to detect asthma attacks, all from the user’s smartphone.

For Asthma Guardian to work, the patient must place their smartphone in their bedroom. From there, the app will automatically monitor the symptoms and report if there are any abnormalities as the patient sleeps soundly at night.

The app ensures the user a level of protection from potential respiratory attacks without disturbing their sleep. Asthma Guardian will also deliver objective data, providing knowledge to the patient regarding its assessment of the user’s asthma with detailed and constant information about its evaluations.

Asthma affects millions of people worldwide, so that this tool can bring relief to many patients. Resmonics hopes to develop a variety of digital biomonitoring tools such as Asthma Guardian to help those in need, arming patients with research and technology to help monitor conditions.

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