5 Interesting Startups Founded in September 2018


There are heaps of new and interesting startups out there. Every day, week, month, year, and so on, we get more. People with a vision try their best to start a company and make their dreams come true. But how to keep track of all what is going on?

We have been working together with Crunchbase, our business information partner, in order to find out who are the freshest, most interesting startups all over the globe and here are our five candidates that we spotted, who were founded only last month. What we can directly see is that there are some interesting startups from FinTech, MarTech and even from VC spaces.


The startup ReceiptHero is building a solution to help their users with their receipts and finances overview. Whether you are getting paper receipts or digital ones, this Startup from Helsinki, Finland, seeks to automate and improve your workflows by leveraging their API platform. You can already sign up and test their service for free.

Crunchbase profile: ReceiptHero
Funding: not disclosed


The Romanian startup LeapList, from Ploiesti, is building a platform where startups, investors, and even people who are looking for a job, can find each other and connect. They don’t have many entries yet, but the system seems to work fine already. They are a freshly founded subsidiary of BitFully, a digital media company that leverages AI for online marketing and other means.

Crunchbase profile: LeapList
Funding: not disclosed


The people at Symmetrical.ai want to offer an algorithmic marketplace for financial products that could be of use for financial institutions and others. Their plan is to designcreate and offer financial products to user’s customers as well as employees and they do this on an API-first approach.

Crunchbase profile: Symmetrical.ai
Funding: €125K


Even though HazzCorp, from Dublin, Ireland, is already founded, it will still take about five days until they bring their service live. Based on the information that is already available, they plan to specialize in digital and automation marketing. We are excited to see what their full offering is going to look like in the future.

Crunchbase profile: HazzCorp
Funding: €50K


The Voogy team hails from Frederiksberg in Denmark and they claim to have coined the term “intent-driven marketing automation”. This startup puts the focus on intent by trying to identify what a website visitor is looking for and giving them a fast path to buy or at least get the right information. This seems to be more than just an average chatbot. Their services are already live and you can also do a free trial if you’re interested in upgrading your website for better conversion rates.

Crunchbase profile: Voogy
Funding: not disclosed

What do you think about our picks? Do you also find them interesting? Make sure to share your thoughts with us by dropping us some comments below. Thanks for reading!

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Ben O’Steen.

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