5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For an Online MBA


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An MBA degree is one of the quickest ways to progress in your career in business. Thus, many professionals consider enrolling in programs and universities for a Master of Business Administration (MBA). As a result, this degree has become a standard of competency in the industry. Hence, the majority of the upper management and executives in the industry are MBA holders.

So, if you’re looking to apply for a senior management position, you should consider getting yourself an MBA degree. You may notice that most vacancies for positions like Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Head of Department (HOD), have MBA or equivalent degree as part of the pre-requisite.

Therefore, having an MBA degree is the key to career progression as it prepares you to tackle the complex responsibilities and workload of higher positions in a company.

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The issue is that many professionals don’t get the time to juggle between jobs, personal lives, and higher education. Such full-time obligations create a hindrance in completing a four-year program post-grad degree. This is why an online MBA degree is becoming popular among many colleges and universities. It solves this problem by offering flexibility and convenience.

While an online MBA degree sounds like a perfect solution, here’s something to add a garnish. You now have the opportunity to apply for admission in an MBA Program through Pearson Pathways without giving your GMAT.

Benefits of MBA with no GMAT for Professionals

Typically, business schools require their students to include their GMAT score for admission to the university. However, working professionals usually don’t have the time to prepare for the GMAT exam. Some universities are rethinking this requirement to enable more professionals to pursue the degree.

This paves the way for full-time job holders to pursue the online MBA no GMAT program so that they can advance in their careers quickly.

Reasons you should opt for an online MBA

The promise of finding better-paying jobs with exclusive benefits is attractive, and a leisurely lifestyle has always been an aspiration for many people. For this reason, let’s dive into some reasons why you should opt for an online MBA program.

1. Get Your Degree Sooner

There is a more substantial likelihood for you to earn your MBA degree sooner than an on-campus MBA degree with regular classes. A typical MBA program lasts for two years, while on the other hand, you can finish your online MBA program as early as nine months. However, this depends on your time availability and how you commit to completing your degree.

This means that you can earn the same credit hours in lesser time, ultimately giving you a competitive edge compared to other candidates.

2. Element of Flexibility

Conventional on-premise classes have a certain rigidity that is a disadvantage for most working professionals in the field. Alternatively, online programs offer great flexibility where you have the liberty to take classes at a more comfortable pace. Since you can attend the class virtually, you no longer have to commute to and fro from classes, saving you time. Most importantly, since the structure of an online MBA degree caters to a specific niche, you would be able to pace out the degree while balancing your busy work routine.

3. Lower Costs

A conventional MBA costs a lot more than an online MBA program for numerous reasons. These include a lower employee-to-student ratio, fewer resources consumption, and less gas money commuting to university or paying for a residence. This factor lowers the tuition costs drastically, where the student pays just for the class.

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So if you are planning to continue higher education at a budget, then an online MBA is a good option.

4. Access to More Resources

With online learning, you have access to more educational resources as compared to traditional teaching methods. You’ll be able to gain access to several online learning tools such as Google Classrooms, Whiteboard applications, Microsoft Teams, and tools that are great mediums for interactive sessions with the class instructors and your batchmates. This not only helps you improve your learning and studying methods, but it also helps you build a stronger network of connections.

5. Manage a better work-study-life balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is challenging, along with having a proper work-study-life balance. This time management challenge is one of the many reasons people cannot pursue higher education while working.

The online MBA program allows you to balance your study hours according to your feasibility and preferences. You manage the coursework with ease around your daily routine. This way, you can maintain the quality of your personal life, work full time, and pursue higher education simultaneously.


The main focus of an online MBA with no GMAT is to promote higher education among working professionals. Competent business professionals seek diplomas, courses and pave pathways to take more challenging roles and climb up hierarchal ranks in the company. Their knowledge and intelligence can steer the company towards new directions and result in growth and efficiency. For this reason, most working professionals now seek online programs, certifications, and degrees to progress in their careers and find better job opportunities.

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