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5 Fun Apps That Could Help Improve Your Lifestyle

As with all things, it’s a problem when we spend way too much time on our tiny screens. What seems to be a simple scroll through social media or play on mobile games becomes an unproductive experience. Of course, using our phones isn’t all that bad specially when there are productive apps out there that improve our quality of life.

Although I admit, it can get pretty boring sometimes to try and manage my lifestyle. But I’ve got an entertaining solution on how we can use our phones to do that. Here are 5 free lifestyle apps that are fun to use.


Habitica, formerly HabitRPG, is your go-to app for tracking daily or weekly habits, tasks, and to-do’s. It uses a fantasy game theme as a reward and penalty system. Finish a task or do a good habit and you gain experience points and coins. You can use these coins to buy new equipments for customizing your character.

You can also choose a bad habit you want to get rid of. Every time you find yourself doing it, your character loses some health. This app gets me all excited to finish my work because checking off things from my list means I get to level up my character.

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Apple iOS

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny lets you take care of small house plants while taking care of yourself. Every time you drink a cup of water, you are also virtually watering your plant.

There are different plants and pots to choose from. You can customize the amount of water by choosing from a variety of cups. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to stay hydrated because now, you’re drinking for two.

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Apple iOS
Windows Phone

Fortune City

Having a little trouble managing your expenses? Fortune City allows you to be the mayor of your own city as long as you keep track of your expenses. This app lets you easily input expenses based on category. Every time you make a record, a new building will be made for you.

You can continue to manage your city by using coins to upgrade your buildings. The buildings in your city will, in turn, generate more coins for your to spend on. It really helps you to diligently keep track of the money that goes out of your wallet.

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Apple iOS


If you can build your own city, I’m sure you can handle a town. SleepTown helps you maintain a healthy and regular sleep schedule. It’s a little different from Fortune City, but it still generates buildings as you reach your sleeping goals.

Set your goal time for sleeping and waking up. Press the button to let the app know you’ll be sleeping and start the construction of your building. If you open your phone during a time you should be sleeping, or wake up 10 minutes late, your building will be destroyed. Each successful sleep cycle will reward you with different types of buildings.

Get SleepTown for:
Apple iOS

Forest: Stay Focused

Forest: Stay Focused helps you stay off your device to become more productive. For every successful time away from your gadget, a new tree will be planted for you. When you start the timer, your tree starts to grow.

There are a lot of different trees corresponding to different amounts of time. The longer you stay off your phone, the bigger the tree you’ll get. However, if you voluntary stop the timer or exit the app, your tree will die. So make sure to stop phubbing around and pay attention to what’s outside of your phone.

Another feature of the app is planting trees in real life. Users can spend virtual in-game coins to plant actual trees for our environment.

Get Forest: Stay Focused on:
Google Play Store
Apple iOS

Aside from being fun and aesthetically pleasing, all these apps promote accountability. You control whether you get rewards or punishments. It helps you become more honest even if you make mistakes or forget to do what the app requires you to. It really helps in managing your life better while having fun.

Do these apps tickle your fancy? Got anymore fun lifestyle apps to suggest? Tell me what you think about the list and if you have any more to share in the comments.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Tamarcus Brown.

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