5 Startups That Want to Change Your World of Coffee


Who’s your best friend in the morning? A good cup of coffee. Of course! Whether you drink your beverage as a wake-up ritual, for a little pick-me-up, or just because you enjoy the taste in peace, many people love their brew and wouldn’t want to skip it.

Sometimes we see some new coffee systems disrupting the mainstream market in the industry but what’s the last coffee innovation you can think of? And how long ago is that? Perhaps it’s time for a new startup to turn the market upside down.

We did a little research and found five really interesting startups out there. They are not necessarily in competition with each other, so you might see more from all of these in the near future. Grab yourself a good cup of coffee and let’s see what we got here.

Spinn IoT coffee makers talk with Alexa and your phone

The coffee makers from Spinn really try to put a lot of innovation into the hands of consumers who are just looking for quality without reading books about making coffee first. The device connects to your local WiFi and communicates with the corresponding Android or iOS app.

It’s self-cleaning, it has a grinder, there’s no waste (except for the used beans, of course), can be integrated with other systems like Alexa, orders new coffee as the bean container is about to grow empty, and it can be programmed to prepare your morning coffee for the right time. Okay, the last one isn’t that innovative but it’s still very useful in my opinion.

Become a Coffeepreneur with Wheelys Café

The team at Wheelys Café is building a franchise system for people to become their own boss and start being a coffee entrepreneur with their own little mobile shop. They supply the Wheeler with tools, recipes, and everything they need to become successful only by brewing good coffee on the streets and selling it.

A lot of positive vibes are coming from this startup. Upgrade your shop with a Turkish coffee module or give your customers some snack with the crêpe module. If you see one of the 600 Wheelers who are already doing this, grab a cup and listen to their story.

Sudden Coffee is that new kid on the instant coffee market

The product of Sudden Coffee is simply put instant coffee that tastes good and not like brown water. They try to offer the best tasting instant beverages and also did a great job on the product design.

They put the powder in cool-looking vials, that you can also easily take with you if you’re going someplace where they don’t brew coffee (what?! I know, right…). This is something you can’t easily judge until you’ve tried it but the press liked it.

Less waste and cool style with the reusable WayCap Nespresso capsules

Let me guess, you bought a Nespresso machine when they were no longer that expensive, but now you’re feeling guilty about all that capsule waste? I know the feeling. The band from the WayCap startup want to help you fix that. And they are actually a real Jazz band. And they are from Italy. Not bad for a coffee startup, right? So what is this solution about?

WayCap builds really well-designed reusable capsules for the Nespresso system coffee makers. They are more expensive than the plastic ones you could find on Amazon but often these cheap solutions don’t work really great either. This is a really classy product if you’re not in a hurry and/or want to avoid the aluminum waste.

HVMN brings you edible coffee snacks

The GO Cubes by HVMN are build to be both snack and coffee break in one. There have been things like that in the past but did they really taste nice? No, mostly it was just something you’d gulp down for some extra kick. Where’s the fun in that, right?

The GO Cubes are made of actual beans and not just some chewy synthetics. You can get them in the flavors Latte, Pure Drip, and Mocha. Whatever style you choose, each cube is said to give you about four hours of focus and energy.

Tea Bonus: High octane caffeine with Zest Tea

Okay, so I don’t only love the beans, but I also love tea and wanted to tell you about Zest Tea. They sell green and black tee variations that hold significantly more caffeine than their common counterparts. They have even more caffeine than many coffee beans but without the jittery side-effects. What does that mean in numbers?

The Zest Tea caffeine marketing figures state that a normal green tea comes with 25 mg per cup, and a black tea comes with 50 mg per cup. An average cup of coffee holds about 100-150 mg per cup but their Zest Green Tea and Zest Black Tea hit you with 135 mg and 155 mg per cup. It goes without saying that this is only natural caffeine and nothing artificial. Bring it on!

Photo credit: Wheelys Café

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